CoD Zombies new Mauer Der Toten campaign ‘unplayable’ due to broken map glitch

Alan Bernal

The new Call of Duty Zombies experience, Mauer Der Toten, has been giving players issues with clips showing large parts of the map missing or glitching out.

Many from the Zombies community were looking forward to the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded patch, since its round-based map had a secret main story easter egg like Firebase Z.

But shortly after the patch, and subsequent release of Mauer Der Toten, people noticed that their matches were coming to an end sooner than intended due to the latest bug in the game.

Clips have shown people running into the bug mainly when going into the underground portion of the map where textures seem to vanish.

“Waited this long for a new round-based map and it’s unplayable,” Reddit user ‘JConz94’ said. “Many areas of the map not loading. Street level and metro has not loaded in correctly for me yet in about 10 tries. Other users reporting same.”

The result leaves people either clipping in between levels of the map or just leaving out entire sections of Mauer Der Toten absent.

This can apparently happen in all sorts of locations, with people just opening new pathways to discover a lack of textures.

Of course, players aren’t getting much further after encountering the glitch since it leaves crucial parts of the map out of the picture.

A lot of reports are coming from people saying that it’s happening on their Xbox Series X, and it remains to be seen if it also affects PlayStation 5 or PC users.

Treyarch are aware of the bug and are currently investigating a fix for the issue, according to the company’s Trello board.