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CoD Zombies fans rejoice as PhD Flopper’s return announced with a twist

Published: 30/Sep/2021 21:33

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty Zombies fans have been begging Treyarch to bring back one thing over the past decade. And the devs have finally answered, announcing the return of the beloved perk PhD Flopper — but with a twist.

When Zombies was first released in World at War, there was a very limited amount of perks. It wasn’t until Black Ops that tons of new perks were introduced to the game.

An instant fan-favorite, PhD Flopper came with the map Ascension. This allowed players to take no explosive damage and dolphin dive to a less-elevated position to create an explosion.

However, after Black Ops, it never returned to Treyarch’s game as a purchasable perk… until now. PhD is finally back, but with a sliding twist.


Zombies famous PhD Flopper perk returns as PhD Slider

After nearly a decade of begging and praying for PhD to return to CoD Zombies, fans are finally getting their wish. The Zombies community is likely delighted as the perk is officially getting revamped and added to the game.

Treyarch announced that PhD Slider will be available on the new map Forsaken. However, in Cold War, players are not able to dive into the prone position, but instead slide, thus creating PhD Slider.

When it was teased in a Tweet, Zombies YouTuber, NoahJ456 said, “NO SHOT LMFAOOOOOOOO.” Another person replied, “That’s what we were waiting for!” The comments go on and on, but everyone is excited about the return of PhD. So, here’s how it works.


How PhD Slider works in Black Ops Cold War

PhD Slider Zombies perk Season 6
PhD Slider is coming to Zombies as a new perk, it will work similarly to PhD Flopper.

PhD Slider is very similar to the original perk — but, instead of diving, a player needs to slide into a zombie or creature to trigger an explosion. The size of the impact and the amount of damage dealt depends on the distance the player slides before making contact with an enemy.

Much like other perks in Cold War, PhD Slider will have five tiers of upgrades, which have not been revealed at the time of writing. However, the devs did hint at one upgrade allowing you to trigger explosions when falling from a vertical distance.

The perk will have its own machine but can also be found in the Der Wunderfizz machine in all round-based maps and Outbreak.