CoD Zombies fans reignite calls for standalone game from Treyarch

Sam Comrie
CoD Zombies Mockup
Activision, Sony

CoD Zombies fans will see Cold War’s cycle end soon, but the call for something bigger than a new add-on is louder than ever. 

At this point, the formula is well and truly tested for Call of Duty Zombies. Initially beginning with the core element of round-based survival, the mode has been reimagined multiple times. While some versions have hit better than others, the demand for Zombies is everlasting.

Cold War Zombies has introduced new concepts like the open-world style Outbreak mode or the tight-knit Onslaught playlist.

Fans have called for a standalone Zombies adventure for years but could there be a point where Zombies evolves into something far greater than before?

Cold War Zombies new map
Mauer Der Toten is the penultimate map in the Cold War cycle.

Is it time for a solo Zombies game?

The potential of a solo Zombies game is undeniably incredible. What exactly could it entail? Collecting all previous maps from any iteration of Zombies is certainly an attractive prospect.

From Der Riese to Zombies In Spaceland, there is a map out there for every player in the Zombies fandom. Avid players from the CoD Zombies fanbase have taken to Reddit to collectively propose their ideal standalone title.

While Cold War Zombies has launched a new era that will continue in Vanguard, not every fan has connected with Cold War’s interpretation. “This is the only way I’ll buy another cod game” one fan commented.

Even Treyarch’s involvement isn’t enough to warrant a Vanguard purchase: ” I’m not buying vanguard for only zombies so I hope for their sake they start releasing zombies stand-alone”.

“I’d love it but they’ll never separate zombies from base CoD because they’d be too scared of losing players on base CoD,” another player suggested in regards to Activision being seemingly unwilling to consider the solo option.

Price is always going to be a divisive factor too. Depending on what this hypothetical game could involve, would it be worth shelling out upwards of £50 / $70? It’s a burning question that will likely sit raging on for years to come.

We’d love Activision to prove us wrong.