CoD Zombies Fall Guys map goes viral on TikTok: How to play it

fall guys beans with evil eyes in cod zombiesMediatonic, Activision

A Fall Guys and CoD Zombies crossover has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter with fans loving the bizarre brutality of slaying big, colorful beans.

Sometimes in life, you combine two things together, and for whatever reason – it just works. This has proven to be the case with a fascinating Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies mod that incorporates the crazy, colorful world of Fall Guys.

Instead of fighting other beans to claim a crown, the Zombies mod allows players to fend off an onslaught of remorseless, rampaging beans that want to feast on you.

It’s now gone viral on social media as users can’t get enough of this insane mod that seems to be pretty well done.

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Fall Guys meets CoD Zombies in unlikely Steam mod

Shared by Twitter user and Twitch partner GamesCage, a 2020 mod, created by Steam user IceGrenade, for Fall Guys and CoD Zombies has resurfaced on TikTok and shows Fall Guys in a completely different light.

Usually, games of Fall Guys are equally as chaotic as Zombies but feature players attempting to negotiate obstacle courses and work together to conquer team games.

You can check out ‘Fall Guys Zombies here,’ and the mod makes it very clear what you need to do: “The Fall Guys you know and love have fallen prey to a monstrous disease, crazed hunger they now roam the earth as the undead. I hear there is still a population of Fall Guys untouched by this disease, but first, you must make it through the hordes of zombies to get to the safe lands! Good Luck!”

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In the clip above, one of Fall Guys’ gauntlet levels has been turned into a proper CoD Zombies wave-based survival experience with the player popping off clean headshots on pursuing beans.

You can see the usual array of Perks at the bottom of the screen and it’s generally your typical CoD Zombies gameplay – just in Fall Guys.

The recent resurgence in Fall Guys has been helped massively by the decision to go free-to-play and its player count is as healthy as it’s ever been.