CoD Champs winner Simp hits out at people labeling his girlfriend a “gold digger”

eUnited’s Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr has spoken out on social media to silence a select few who have suggested his girlfriend is a “gold digger”, following his back-to-back tournament wins at CWL Finals and the CWL Championship 2019.

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The successive wins with eUnited secured Simp a share of $1.3 million in prize money, an impressive start to his professional career to say the least.

Prior to turning professional after his 18th birthday, Simp was a well-known amateur player, winning online and at local LAN tournaments, earning him a spot on eUnited as soon as he was old enough.

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Matt PotthoffSimp won MVP at the 2019 CWL Championship.

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Many have called Simp’s first season the best rookie year ever, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another that rivals it, but it has also attracted some negative comments.

In fact, some comments have been directed at his long-time girlfriend, Jerika, prompting Simp to speak out against the disrespectful messages on Twitter.

“I don’t like to give it attention but I’m mind blown that people believe Jerika is a gold digger or spends any of MY money,” Simp stated, continuing, “she’s never spent ANY of my money and has been here since before I was a pro or actually got cash. She spends more on me than I spend on her.”

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Simp’s eUnited teammate Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson explained that he had had a similar experience when he first made it to the pro level with his now-former girlfriend.

“They don’t understand nor know ur life brotha. Ya just have to ignore it,” Prestinni told his teammate.

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Streamer and YouTuber YenSauce, also the girlfriend of FaZe Clan player McCarthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel, backed Simp, replying “the fact you even had to even tweet this is mind-blowing. She’s the most selfLESS person and has the purest intentions of anyone I’ve ever met.”

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Now regarded as one of the hottest prospects heading into the franchised Call of Duty league, Simp may have to become accustomed to negative comments from more ‘fans’ and haters.

It’s unclear where Simp will end up, but after his performances in the final two events of the Black Ops 4 season, every team will likely be interested in his services.