Warzone player miraculously nails helicopter pilot with throwing knife

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During an intense Call of Duty: Warzone, one player miraculously downed a helicopter player with a throwing knife.

The throwing knife in received a buff earlier this year in a Season 3 Reloaded update. A few weeks later, another patch nerfed the weapon, reducing its overall damage output.

Either way, the throwing knife remains among the more formidable weapons in the battle royale title, such that it’s been known to accomplish spectacular feats.

But what arguably counts as the most impressive kill with these special blades is just now circulating online.

Player kills helicopter pilot with Warzone’s throwing knife

Standing atop a water tower, Reddit user and Warzone player iTsHuskieBTW took at an enemy on the ground, then proceeded to target a helicopter hovering nearby.

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The gameplay video they uploaded showed the chopper didn’t go down so easily, though. Yet, it seems the bullets softened the pilot up, allowing the Redditor to down their opponent with a knife throw.

After the pilot crashed onto the water tower, one more blow from Call of Duty: Warzone’s throwing knife managed to do the trick. This “surgical” kill was impressive enough to warrant a slowed-down replay at the end of the following clip.

Suffice it to say, players on the Warzone subreddit are wildly impressed. One person even referred to it as the “best knife kill [they’ve] ever seen.” Several other Redditors were quick to agree.

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From the other user’s perspective, though, a knife kill while flying midair probably isn’t the most ideal way to go out.

But at least they can say they sat on the receiving end of a neat precision kill.