Terrible Warzone ping glitch makes the game “unplayable”

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Call of Duty: Warzone players have encountered a ping glitch that makes the game “unplayable” because of the framerate issues it causes.

Pinging often proves an essential tool for players who otherwise have limited options for communicating with their teammates in-game.

If an Operator pings a point of interest on their map, the rest of the squad will see the mark reflected on their end, too.

Unfortunately, some Warzone players have found that pinging is beginning to cause more harm than good in terms of the game’s performance.

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Ping glitch leads to frame skipping in COD: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s ping system is no stranger to the occasional technical error. Yet, the latest of such problems makes the online title “borderline unplayable,” according to Redditor The_Ur3an_Myth.

The player shared footage of the bug in action in a Reddit thread, its caption noting that “pinging anything will cause frame skips and ping spikes.”

In a follow-up post on the thread, The_Ur3an_Myth, who plays on PS4, offered more context: “I reinstalled the game after the reloaded patch launched and this is the state of the game.”

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Other Reddit users chimed in to say they’ve experienced a similar issue in the last several days. For example, Nice-Web583 claimed that actions such as pinging and opening crates while playing on Caldera BR and Plunder result in freezing and stuttering.

ColdcatZA said they logged in to Warzone after reading the above post and encountered “drastic lag on PS4.” Apparently, the error occurs for them even if their squadmates ping objects on the map.

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Since the Warzone ping glitch appears fairly new, there’s no word on if or when a fix will go live. It’s also unclear as to whether or not other platforms are affected.

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