CoD Vanguard’s #2 Ranked player exposes his own cheats on stream

Call of Duty Vanguard players highlighted with red boxes during gunfightActivision

A Call of Duty streamer, who managed to jump up to be second overall in Vanguard’s Ranked Play mode, exposed himself on stream by revealing that he was using wallhacks. 

Like most other games, Call of Duty has always had its fair share of issues with cheats and hacks. Many players have inflated their stats, given themselves super speed, and unlocked everything possible without even playing a game before.

The problems have gotten worse with the arrival of Warzone and players switching from consoles to PC for competitive play, and while there is an anti-cheat in the form of RICOCHET rooting them out, hackers are still incredibly prevalent.

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While many cheaters can go under the radar and avoid detection for quite some time, there are others that slip up and expose themselves in front of the whole CoD community.

Vanguard gunfightActivision
Hackers are still running rampant on Vanguard.

Call of Duty streamer ‘pplehx’ became the latest player to find themselves being exposed for using cheats after a clip did the rounds on social media on April 11.

The streamer, who has risen up the ranks to become the #2 overall player in Vanguard’s Ranked Play, was streaming a game of Hardpoint on Tuscan when his broadcast stuttered and revealed enemy positions through walls ever so briefly.

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Pplehx tried to play it off as his game “crashing” because the stream, again, stuttered and things went back to normal – with the enemies no longer being visible through the walls.

The streamer was asked in his chat as to why he would “randomly cheat” given his position on the Ranked Play leaderboard.

“I got it for diamond camo G, didn’t know how to turn them off,” was his answer.

Other clips from the streamer’s previous matches have also been shared on social media, though, they don’t show the wallhacks like the one from the game on Tuscan.

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As it stands, the streamer’s Twitch channel is still active and it remains to be seen if he’ll be punished for the cheating.