CoD Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg guide: Wunderwaffe & boss fight

shi no numa official art in cod vanguard zombiesActivision

The Shi No Numa Zombies remake in Call of Duty: Vanguard has delivered a new Easter Egg to complete and our guide will show you how to craft the Wunderwaffe and beat the boss.

It’s time for another Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Easter Egg, this time, a Shi No Numa one. The legendary Zombies map has been featured in a reduced capacity in this year’s CoD title, but now that the full Shi No Numa map remake is live in Season 4, it’s back in all its glory with a full Easter Egg hunt to tackle.

It represents the first true round-based map in CoD Vanguard to this point, and completing the Easter Egg will take you on a fun rollercoaster, so let’s get into it.

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shi no numa map layout in cod vanguard zombiesActivision
This map should familiarize you with Shi No Numa.

How to complete Shi No Numa Vanguard Easter Egg

If you’ve done a Call of Duty Zombies Easter Egg before then you already know how time-consuming and complex they can be. Shi No Numa’s Easter Egg isn’t as outlandish as other endeavors in years gone by, but you’ll definitely need to have some patience if you attempt this.

Here’s our detailed set of instructions to complete the game’s Shi No Numa map remake Easter Egg.

Shi No Numa Zombies: Build the Wunderwaffe DG-2

  1. Go to the ‘Fishing Hut’ and pick up the ‘Weapon Barrel’ situated on a shelf.
  2. Now, go to ‘Comm Room Exterior’ and place the barrel in an electrical unit.
  3. Go in the ‘Comm Room,’ turn on the trap, and then defend it.
  4. Once you’ve survived the onslaught, collect the barrel, go back to the ‘Comm Room’ and obtain the ‘Charged Vacuum Tube’ from the small radio.
  5. Staying in the ‘Comm Room,’ find the ‘Electrical Fuse’ on a table highlighted by a lamp.
  6. Make your way to the ‘Storage Room’ and activate the trap in there which should break, allowing you to place the fuse and charge it.
  7. You now need to advance the game until you get to ‘Round 15′ and lure a Zaballa The Deceiver to the ‘War Room’ so that she attacks the coils in there.
  8. Once they’ve charged enough you will be allowed to pick up another ‘Charge Vacuum Tube’ on the table next to the coils.
  9. Take all the parts to the weapon workstation in the ‘Storage Hut’ and you should have a prompt to ‘Craft Wunderwaffe DG-2.’
  10. Follow the prompt and it’s all yours.
operator using wunderwaffe in cod vanguard zombiesActivision
Once crafted, the Wunderwaffe becomes a crucial aspect of the Easter Egg.

Shi No Numa Zombies: Cypher Stone

  1. The first ‘Cypher Wheel Part’ can be found in the ‘Doctor’s Quarters’ and it’s in the corner of the room on some boxes.
  2. You can find the second part in the ‘Dig Site’ and it’s roughly 180 degrees away from the Pack-A-Punch machine on a table next to a skull.
  3. The final piece is in the ‘Dormitory’ on a table between a bunk bed and a wall weapon.
  4. With all three pieces collected, you now need to find three symbols that change each game.
  5. One symbol can be found back at the ‘Dig Site’ on the ‘Armor and Equipment’ bench.
  6. Another symbol will be in the ‘Comm Room’ on a table next to some radios and a headset.
  7. The third and final one will be in the ‘Excavation Room’ on a table with a gas lamp — you’ll need to shoot or melee some books to reveal the full piece of paper.
  8. We now need the Cypher Key, to get that, go to the ‘Doctor’s Quarters’ and use some kind of explosive or similar device on a weird-looking piece of paper on the desk.
  9. This is the key and we’d recommend you take a picture of this for reference.
  10. Now, head to the ‘Doctor’s Quarters Exterior’ location and make a Boom-Schreier explode next to the glowing stone pillar.
  11. This reveals the code input device and you’ll have to decipher the symbols you found using the Cypher you found to activate it.

Shi No Numa: Ceremony

  1. All players in the game must activate the newly glowing statues at the same time to ‘Start Ceremony.’
  2. Using the Wunderwaffe DG-2, you must kill as many Zombies with a glowing, blue aura as possible to complete this phase, if you fail, you can try again in the next wave.
  3. Once you’ve done this, it should trigger a cutscene for you to enjoy.
  4. Finish the next round and return to the pillar.
dig site in cod vanguard zombies shi no numaActivision
The Dig Site will become the location of the Easter Egg’s latter stages.

Shi No Numa: Flogger Kills, Relic Mirror Fragments & Orbs

  1. You need to find the trap in the ‘Flogger Courtyard’ that costs 750 points to use and you need to get kills with it to fill up a drink fountain nearby.
  2. Once you’ve done enough, you will be able to drink from the fountain and you will enter a weird, realm of the existing map.
  3. This step requires you to run around the map and find a ‘Relic Mirror Fragment,’ it’s random, so you’ll have to do your best to find it.
  4. When you have, you now need to locate a glowing red orb, walk into it, and it will begin moving it.
  5. Follow it and it will eventually take you to the other ‘Relic Mirror Fragment’.
  6. With both fragments in hand, set off towards the ‘Dig Site’ and locate the pedestal in the defined digging area to ‘Place Relic Mirror Fragments’.
  7. Like the Ceremony process, all players will need to interact to ‘Energize Podium’ at the same time.
  8. If your timing is on point, you will now need to pursue your respective blue orb as it moves through the Shi No Numa map.
  9. The orb will need to be shot three times and it will move to a new spot each time it’s shot.
  10. After the third shot, return to the original ‘Dig Site’ spot and all players will need to simultaneously interact with the platforms again to ‘Summon Echo’.

Shi No Numa: Echo Boss Fight

  1. To defeat Echo, you will need to complete the first phase which requires you to use the Wunderwaffe DG-2 to kill glowing blue Zombies near the central podium in the ‘Dig Site.’
  2. Once you’ve done this enough, Echo’s shield will fall and you can use the Wunderwaffe DG-2 to take off a third of Echo’s health.
  3. Phase Two is almost identical, kill glowing Zombies near the pedestal and after enough have been killed you’ll be able to attack Echo again.
  4. Once Echo goes immune again, kill more blue Zombies, and then finish off Echo.
  5. You’ll be rewarded with a lore cutscene and eventually get some extra goodies too!

Hopefully, you enjoyed our Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg Zombies guide, and we have more CoD content for you to check out below:

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