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CoD Vanguard reveals FOV slider coming for consoles at launch

Published: 8/Sep/2021 21:33

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Vanguard’s devs at Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that the CoD 2021 title will launch with an FOV Slider (field of view) on all PlayStation and Xbox consoles — drumming up hopes for Warzone players.

FOV Sliders are a hot topic in the Call of Duty world, as Warzone players on console have long envied their PC counterparts’ access to the option. But, while console players await an official FOV announcement for Warzone, Vanguard players are already getting their answer.

While revealing multiplayer for Vanguard on September 7, Sledgehammer’s Senior Development Director Adam Iscove shared that FOV Slider will be available to players on console.


If it’s available on PS4 and PS5, it stands to reason that it will also be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. As such, console players are delighted and Warzone players are very curious.

CoD Vanguard announces FOV Slider for console

As you can see in the picture, there will be an FOV Slider for multiplayer. This lets console players choose up to a 120 FOV for their gameplay, much like they can in Black Ops Cold War.

While this feature isn’t entirely groundbreaking, given Cold War’s availability across PC and console, it does spur some reasonable interest for Warzone fans as well. Unlike BOCW, which plays on Treyarch’s engine, Vanguard is built on a revamped version of Modern Warfare 2019’s engine — the same one used by Warzone. 


Will Vanguard bring FOV Slider to Warzone?

FOV slider in Warzone and Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward / u/shlammysammy
Here’s how much difference between 60 FOV (console default) and 120 FOV.

Fans are already making this connection, noting that the similarity in engines could help bring FOV to Verdansk (or, more appropriately, the new Pacific map). In the replies, a number of users commented on the fact that Vanguard’s Warzone integration may involve the BR shifting to the revamped engine.

If that’s the case, then it could make sense for console Warzone players to enjoy the same features that console Vanguard players do.

Of course, the maximum lobby in a Vanguard game is unlikely to be anywhere near Warzone’s 150 players — so things might not be as simple as copying and pasting the game’s features. So we’ll have to wait and see as the games get closer to launch.