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CoD Vanguard players shocked over hidden Counter Spy Plane ability

Published: 3/Jan/2022 21:54

by Jaret Kappelman


In Call of Duty: Vanguard, killstreaks can have a massive impact on the outcome of a match, and players are mindblown as they discover a hidden ability that makes Counter Spy Plane really strong.

Vanguard multiplayer has a plethora of killstreaks to select in the pregame lobby. One of them, a Counter Spy Plane, can be earned by accumulating four kills in a row without dying.

While the basic description says it “obscures the minimap for all enemies,” players have noticed it has greater power and is actually one of the strongest streaks in the game.

Vanguard players discover secret Counter Spy Plane mechanic

In a Reddit post by ‘BoominBomber’ this person was playing a match when they were unable to call in a Glide Bomb because a Counter-UAV was already up.


Can’t Use Glide Bomb While Counter UAV is Active from CODVanguard

While the intel-blocking streak was in the sky, it prevented them from calling in any of the things they had earned.

This means that the Counter Spy Plane is actually extremely viable in multiplayer as it is preventing players from calling in streaks of their own. One Redditor called this “A 4 kill EMP.”

Counter Spy Plane
The Counter Spy Plane is doing more than it advertises.

Another person added, “I couldn’t call in a V2 Rocket on Dome last night because of C-UAV. That was a real pain.” V2 Rockets, when called in will instantly end the game and give the win to the team that called it in.

Players are unsure if this is a bug or an intended mechanic. Some are reporting that they only started to notice this after the last update. If we solely focus on the description of the streak then it would mean that it’s glitched but we will inform you if that changes.