CoD Vanguard players furious as hackers ruin beta matches

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Vanguard players furious as hackers ruin beta matches

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta is live, giving players a chance to jump into the game early and test some things out. While the beta is more for the devs to test things out to fix for launch, players are upset as hackers have started to appear, ruining the experience. 

Players that pre-ordered Vanguard or received an access code can download the beta and play the game.

With tons of different maps, modes, and weapons, there are so many things to try out in the early access.

Even though Vanguard is bringing a new anti-cheat to Warzone, it appears there might need to be one implemented into Vanguard’s multiplayer.

CoD Vanguard Beta being ruined by hackers

While the beta is only live for two weekends, Sledgehammer Games is getting tons of feedback from players on things to fix before launch on November 5.

One issue that has occurred is the appearance of hackers. These cheaters are coming in many different forms. In this Reddit clip posted by ‘ukjoel333’ you can see someone is already aimbotting and destroying everyone through walls.

Players are upset that hackers are already prominent in the game and are worried this could get out of hand. While this is very annoying and ruining the experience for others, there are some using their powers differently.

One person was spotted rocking the Damascus camo on his weapon. While this could be a glitch, players are skeptical that this is just another act of a hacker.

Even though stats will reset prior to the launch of the game, players are frustrated that they can’t chill and enjoy the game without cheaters.

So far Sledgehammer Games has tried their best to respond to issues as quickly as possible and make the experience better for the players, so there is hope this won’t be an ongoing issue.