CoD Vanguard players demand Cold War mode return because of “annoying” killstreaks

Jacob Hale
cod vanguard with blurred firebombing run

Vanguard players have asked for a popular Black Ops Cold War mode to return as frustration at killstreaks in the game continues to grow.

Killstreaks have been a staple in Call of Duty ever since Modern Warfare was originally released all the way back in 2007, but the system has grown and changed dramatically over the years.

Each year certain streaks divide the community, either because they’re not strong enough, they’re too strong, or simply because some players don’t like them.

In Vanguard, that is further accentuated by the Dead Drop glitch allowing players to easily loop top killstreaks such as Attack Dogs and Firebombing Runs — and now they want a change.

Dead Drop Field Upgrade Vangaurd
Vanguard players can earn unlimited high killstreaks with this Dead Drop glitch — could a new mode fix that?

Vanguard players want modes without streaks

In the past, multiple CoD titles have had game modes that removed killstreaks, dating back to Barebones playlists in Modern Warfare 2.

However, the Face Off 6v6 mode in Black Ops Cold War proved to be extremely popular, with no killstreaks and small maps designed for the Gunfight mode.

With lookatmycode saying that “there should be a mode without killstreaks,” there were many responders saying that Face Off would be perfect.

Face Off did become a permanent mode in Cold War thanks to how popular it became, so some players have been surprised at the lack of a similar mode in Vanguard.

That said, it’s still early days for Sledgehammer Games’ latest entry into the CoD franchise, so we may yet see a mode without killstreaks arrive in the game.

That said, when they do end up fixing the Dead Drop glitch, it could make late-game situations much easier to handle, with far less killstreak spam.