CoD Vanguard: How to get rid of blinding sun glare

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Vanguard: How to get rid of blinding sun glareActivision

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta has given players an opportunity to test out the game and give feedback to the devs. From balancing weapons to fixing spawns there have been tons of things that need fixing but no problem is bigger than the blinding sun. Recently, a player figured a workaround to turn the glaring sun off, here’s how to do it.

CoD: Vanguard is set to release November 5, 2021, but before the game is released Sledgehammer Games is working to solve issues that are present in the beta.

There have been quite a few issues that have come up, some revolving around the spawn system and others regarding all the hackers in the game.

However, one of the most annoying issues that has been talked about is the blinding sun and how bright it is on maps. While the devs have yet to fix it, a player seems to have found a solution.

CoD Vanguard: How to turn the sun off

One hot topic has been surrounding the glaring light the sun gives off on Vanguard. No matter what map you are one if you look at the sun it can take up your entire screen.

While it has been a huge issue Sledgehammer Games has yet to fix this. However, ‘KIRNEILL’ on Twitter is hear to save PC players, providing a step-by-step guide to get rid of the sun.

Here are the steps that they say to follow in order to turn off the sun.

  1. Go to Documents\COD Vanguard\playersBeta\adv_options.ini
  2. Set PixelPerLightmapTexel = “1” // 1 to 256
  3. Set ParticleLighting = “0” // 0 to 5

After completing these steps, players should now be able to load into the Vanguard Beta with no issues coming from the sun.

Even though this is just a fix for PC players, it is a step in the right direction as players now know this can be fixed in some manner and hopefully by launch, console players won’t have this issue.