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CoD Vanguard fans blast devs as Ship Haus 24/7 fails to live up to its name

Published: 23/Nov/2021 12:01 Updated: 23/Nov/2021 19:53

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Vanguard fans have taken aim at Sledgehammer Games after they removed the Ship Haus 24/7 playlist after less than a week of it being available. 

When a new Call of Duty title is released, players are quick to dive into multiplayer and see what’s on offer. From there, it’s not long before they’re grinding weapon levels and camos as they look to complete the difficult mastery challenges.

Over the years, the developers have made the grind a little easier by incorporating playlists that focus on the smaller maps like Shipment, Nuketown, and Shoot the Ship.


These 24/7 playlists are always fun for players as you’re able to blast through matches pretty quickly. With Shipment returning in Vanguard, it was bundled into the Ship Haus playlist alongside another tiny map – Das Haus. However, Sledgehammer have taken it away and fans aren’t happy.


CoD Vanguard Das Haus map gameplay
Das Haus is a tiny map, perfect for fast-paced Vanguard games.

Plenty of CoD players across social media have expressed their displeasure with the playlist being removed, especially given the fact it was a 24/7 playlist, but it wasn’t even available in-game for a week.

“Why do they call it 24/7 if it’s not even there for 7 days? I’m not sure Sledgehammer know what 24/7 means,” quipped Redditor SteezeOrtiz. “First we got Shipment 24/7 which was actually 24/1, then Ship Haus 24/7 which was 24/3. Now it’s 0/0 for both. Maybe someday we’ll reach the “7” part of 24/7,” noted another player.

Other players were less upset by the fact it didn’t last seven days but still dismayed at its departure. “I don’t really care about grinding or weapons camos but I really only enjoy the small maps like Shipment and Das Haus so it totally ruins the game for me when those playlists aren’t there!” added ahhh333.

Shipment + Das House Playlist gone from CODVanguard

Some players claimed that the playlist’s removal would also mean that they’d be taking a break. “Guess I’m taking a break until season one or until they add shipment 24/7 back,” said one. “It’s not worth playing the game without this on the playlist tbh,” added another.

With playlists constantly being cycled in and out throughout the year, Ship Haus 24/7 will return at some point, but who knows just when that’ll be.