CoD Vanguard exclusive PlayStation rewards: Battle pass tiers, XP boosts, more

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Vanguard PlayStation exclusive rewards: Battle pass tiers, XP boosts, moreActivision / PlayStation

With Call of Duty Vanguard set to release, PlayStation has some exclusive rewards you can earn such as free Battle Pass tiers, XP boosts, and more.

Vanguard is set to release on November 5, on all platforms and will be available to pre-load on November 2.

Like previous years, Call of Duty is going to bring tons of new content and rewards but some of it can only be earned by being on PlayStation.

Here’s what Call of Duty: Vanguard is bringing to PlayStation for another year of exclusive rewards.

call of duty vanguardActivision
Vanguard is set to release on November 5 and is bringing PlayStation exclusive rewards.

CoD: Vanguard exclusive rewards for PlayStation users

While there will be tons of things to unlock in Vanguard, people that play on PlayStation will have easier ways to level up, finish their battle pass, and customize weapons with specific benefits.

Here are all the rewards that have been announced for PlayStation users:

  • +5 Tier Skips with the Battle Pass Bundle (25 total)
  • +2 Custom Loadout Slots
  • Combat Packs included each Season for PS Plus users
  • Monthly 24-hour Double XP events
  • +25% Weapon XP when partying up with friends

Some of the highlights include five different Tier skips for the Battle Pass along with 2 extra loadout slots for Multiplayer.

Another key aspect that PlayStation users can take advantage of is a full day of double XP. While dates have not been revealed, there is expected to be one day per month where PlayStation gamers will have a double XP day.

PlayStation users will have a bit more extras than Xbox or PC players but the core Vanguard experience should still be the same regardless of the platform you play on.