All CoD Vanguard equipment & Field Upgrades: Every confirmed Lethal & Tactical

Brad Norton
Vanguard Equipment and Field Upgrades

Curious as to what equipment you can run with in your optimal CoD Vanguard loadouts? We’ve got an early rundown on every confirmed Lethal and Tactical, along with each Field Upgrade to boot.

Alongside your standard weapons in CoD, classes always have access to some trusty equipment. No matter your playstyle, this equipment can often come in handy.

From destructive grenades to armor plating that absorb extra bullets, there’s something for everyone in Vanguard’s new set.

So before the new CoD hits store shelves, here’s a complete overview of all the new and returning equipment in Vanguard.

Lethal Equipment in CoD Vanguard

Letha equipment Vanguard
Lethal equipment is vital for objective-based game types in Vanguard.

MK2 Frag Grenade

Opening the list is your standard frag grenade. It works no different in Vanguard compared to previous years, with players able to ‘cook’ the nade for a brief moment before throwing it out for lethal explosive damage.

Gammon Bomb

Next is the Gammon Bomb, an explosive that detonates on impact. This lethal deals damage the moment it comes in contact with any surface.

Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov is back in Vanguard, creating a small field of fire where it lands. Enemies that come in contact with this explosive take damage over time.

Demolition Charge

The Demolition Charge is essentially TNT in Vanguard. This explosive device can be set up, left alone, and detonated from anywhere on the map.


Thermit is another lethal that deals damage over time. This option sticks to surfaces and detonates with a burst of flames that sticks around for a few seconds.

Throwing Knife

Last for the confirmed lethals in Vanguard is the typical Throwing Knife. In the exact same fashion as previous years, the Throwing Knife can lead to an instant kill on unarmored enemies.

Tactical Equipment in CoD Vanguard

Vanguard Tactical equipment
Tactical equipment features all the usual suspects in Vanguard.

M18 Smoke Grenade

For the first tactical in Vanguard, we have the standard smoke grenade. As per usual throwing this item into the battlefield creates a cloud of smoke that obscures vision from all angles.

N0 69 Stun Grenade

The typical stun grenade is back in Vanguard no different from usual. Hitting enemies with this tactical will leave them with slower movement and slower aim.

MK V Gas

Gas grenades return in Vanguard as this tactical deploys a deadly cloud of tear gas.

While it might not outright kill you, this grenade slows movement, obscures your vision, and deals a small amount of damage over time.


Stims are back for another year as this tactical helps regenerate health in an instant. Moreover, this iteration of the tactical equipment also resets your Tactical Sprint.

S-Mine 44

This tactical might be the deadliest of the bunch as the S-Mine 44 functions similar to the classic Bouncing Betty. 

Deploying this device leaves a proximity-triggered explosive in the map for enemies to stumble into.

Field Upgrades in CoD Vanguard

Vanguard Field Upgrades
Field Upgrades are back for another year with Vanguard.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence returns as a Field Upgrade in Vanguard. Activating this ability gives you a few seconds of silent movement, eliminating any footstep cues so you can flank and sneak up on unsuspecting enemies.


Equipping Armor works exactly as you’d expect. This Field Upgrade gives you a little extra protection, allowing you to absorb a few additional bullets in the heat of combat.

Field Mic

The Field Mic can be set up on any part of the map, providing a small circle of intel.

Enemies that cross into the Mic’s radius will appear on your minimap for a brief moment.


Activating the Goliath Field Upgrade spawns a controllable vehicle at your feet. This mini-tank might be slow in its movement but it certainly packs a punch in the right situation.

While that’s every piece of equipment in Vanguard for now, there’ll be plenty more down the line. 

We’ll keep you updated right here with all the latest as new additions join the mix closer to launch.