CoD Vanguard devs confirm Zombies pause feature finally coming

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Call of Duty Vanguard developer Sledgehammer Games has confirmed a pause feature is coming soon in Zombies, after months of fans calling for its addition. 

Sledgehammer had previously stated, before the game come out, that the option was in the pipeline and would be added in a future update.

On January 11, during the famed ‘115 Day preview’ for the year ahead, the dev team revealed that a dedicated pause server is on the way.

Clearly, the ability to pause the game during a round of Zombies would be a big advantage to players, as the current system means they must continually fire down the swarms of the day with no breaks. Each break you do take can be risky, as you might be knocked down.

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But that’s all going to change.

Is Vanguard Zombies still getting a pause feature?

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Fear not – Vanguard Zombies is still getting a pause feature.

In an official blog post, developers reassured players that a pause feature is going to be added to Vanguard Zombies.

However, they admitted that the rollout of this feature had not been plain sailing, explaining some of the work being done behind the scenes.

“Let’s be honest… moving Zombies to an infrastructure hosted entirely on dedicated servers for the first time in a new engine hasn’t been a seamless experience.”

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They continued: “In the past, traditional Zombies lobbies ran on player-hosted servers, which were often prone to a myriad of issues, depending on the player’s connection and several other factors. While the gameplay experience should now be smoother across the board for matches of all sizes on dedicated servers in , the process of pausing said servers for Solo and single-player Private matches isn’t as simple as flipping a switch.”

When is the pause feature coming to Zombies?

Two Zombies Call of DutyActivision
Sledgehammer Games haven’t yet committed to a date for the feature’s release.

There is still no set date for the addition of a pause feature in Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Zombies.

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In the statement, Sledgehammer said: “Like all of you, we wanted Dedicated Server Pause for solo players to be included sooner, and the amount of work required to get it right has frankly taken longer than we would’ve liked. Thanks for your patience while we wrap up its implementation in an upcoming update.”

Despite the delay, this goes some way to reassure players that the change is still in the pipeline for 2022.

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