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CoD Vanguard Dark Aether camo impossible to unlock in Zombies

Published: 30/Mar/2022 17:32

by Andrew Highton


CoD Zombies fans love going for the Dark Aether camo as it’s seen as the mode’s ultimate prize, but Vanguard players are reporting that a bug is preventing them from unlocking it.

Alongside the usual checklist that Zombies fans expect from a Call of Duty game such as Easter Eggs and Wonder Weapons, camos are also highly prizes. Just like with Vanguard’s core multiplayer experience, Zombies allows players to grind and complete camo challenges for all guns and earn the main reward — the Dark Aether camo.

Earning the top camo is always a long endeavor that can take weeks of work, and some Vanguard Zombies fans, despite their best efforts, are being denied their reward by an in-game bug.


cod vanguard player staring at altar of sacrifice
Breaking Dark Aether camo will not go done well with already disgruntled Zombies players.

CoD Zombies Dark Aether camo bug

Treyarch’s determination to salvage Vanguard’s Zombies has been admirable, but some fans just haven’t been pleased with this year’s attempt at undead content.

Regardless, loyalists will still play Der Anfang and Terra Maledicta out of love for Zombies. Striving to unlock Dark Aether camo will be a big incentive to do so, but one player has revealed why this isn’t actually a possibility for some.

“Survivalist camos (2000 kills with 7 attachments) are currently bugged for PPSh, Welgun, all DMRs, 3-line, Gorenko, Type 11,” they informed other players. They concluded by sending a plea for help to the devs.


In short, Dark Aether camo requires players to complete every camo challenge for every gun, and if so much as one other gun cannot be completed, then you’re in trouble.

Some more examples were described in the replies: “Such bulls**t. I’m finishing Assault Rifles and then I got handguns left.” Another user said that everything was working except Sniper Rifles.

One of the commenters on the post made their feelings clear by saying; “How are these challenges still bugged? Game’s been out for months now, I can’t imagine it’s that hard to update some stupid challenges but what do I know.”


In the grand scheme of things for Vanguard, it doesn’t appear like Zombies is high on the priority list. So if the issue becomes more widespread and problematic, then action may need to be taken sooner rather than later.