CoD: Vanguard cheaters run wild as hacks sell for cheap

Michael Gwilliam
CoD Vanguard hacks

With the Call of Duty: Vanguard open beta out, players have found themselves in an all-too-familiar uncomfortable position — competing against hordes of cheaters. As it turns out, the reason for this could be that the cost of hacks has become insanely cheap.

Like with most games in the Call of Duty franchise, hackers have taken over Vanguard, bringing in cheats from Warzone to the new game.

One aimbot hack in particular is selling for the low price of just $7, according to the watchdog group Anti-Cheat Police Department.

“There are already cheats for COD Vanguard released, and they cost like $7 for a 1-day key,” they revealed, posting screenshots of the hack.

Basically, these cheats operate on a subscription service model with those wanting to break the rules paying a set price for each day they use the nefarious software.

“Day 1 cheats in beta are familiar. Maybe anti-cheat not even on? Or it Has been completely bypassed from day 1?” the watchdog group asked.

While it would be extremely concerning if the new anti-cheat software coming with Vanguard’s launch was already compromised, this seems to not be the case.

Notable leaker and insider Tom Henderson revealed the reason why there are currently so many hackers in the beta is because the new anti-cheat has yet to be implemented.

“The Beta is using the exact same anti-cheat as Warzone (which has been compromised),” he said. “New anti-cheat will be coming once Vanguard releases, but it’s definitely concerning seeing so many hackers.”

Luckily, this means for the time being, the hackers haven’t gotten a taste of the new anti-cheat and it will be very interesting to see how well it holds against the waves of cheaters wanting to infect the next CoD title.

Until then, however, Vanguard will remain infected with cheaters paying just $7 to ruin matches.