Game-breaking CoD Vanguard bug leaves Scump shocked as Attack Dogs turn on him

Brad Norton
Vanguard Scump Attack Dogs
YouTube: Scump / Activision

Attack Dogs appear to have no loyalty in CoD Vanguard as Seth ‘Scump’ Abner came across a game-breaking bug that saw the killstreak work against his team.

The CoD Vanguard Beta has come and gone but throughout its brief time in the spotlight, the early build saw plenty of highs and lows.

From time-to-kill complaints to a number of “rough” bugs, many top streamers and CoD veterans experienced it all. Though none found their footing quite as easily as Scump, OpTic Gaming’s competitive star. Having streamed for dozens of hours during the Beta, Scump dominated countless lobbies and called in plenty of V2 Rockets.

Though before his Vanguard streams came to an end, the King of Call of Duty fell victim to one of the more brutal gameplay bugs we’ve seen yet.

As the highest-cost killstreaks in the Beta, Attack Dogs are always a menacing force on the map. After being called in, they’re supposed to charge at the enemy team, instantly killing any foes they cross.

That wasn’t the case when Scump called in his Attack Dogs during a recent stream, however. Moments after the not-so-good doggos spawned into Red Star, they turned on one of CoD’s biggest names.

“What just happened?” Scump yelled after one of his deadly companions “took [him] out.” Instead of biting nearby enemies, the Attack Dogs randomly decided to start chewing through teammates instead.

“Why’d your dog just kill me?” fellow CoD veteran Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni asked. “It just killed all of us,” Scump said, clearly fuming at his “bad doggie” killstreak.

Attack Dogs
As a 10-cost killstreak, Attack Dogs were the most powerful reward in Vanguard’s Beta.

This appeared to be a one-off occurrence in the Beta, though there’s no predicting when good dogs may turn bad again. 

Despite the game-ruining bug, this was far from the biggest issue in Scump’s eyes. Instead, skill-based matchmaking was his biggest frustration, demanding the feature be scrapped altogether.