CoD Vanguard attack dog glitch turns them into flying demons

vanguard dogsActivision

Vanguard players face danger in practically every direction during a game, so it’s slightly disconcerting to many that defeated Attack Dogs are essentially coming back from the dead to haunt players in demon form.

Call of Duty has dealt with several themes in the past: previous wars, modern-day war, space, psychological warfare, and now it seems like players are taking a trip to hell.

Attack Dogs are traditionally a deadly Killstreak awarded for a player going on a sensational run of kills. The map is swarmed by a pack of bloodthirsty poochies that want to tear the jugular out of any enemy they find.

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But it seems that many of them are taking exception to the notion of death.

attack dogs killstreak in vanguardActivision
They start out as such loving, friendly, murderous beasts too.

Usually quite resilient, Attack Dogs take a lot of damage to put down, meaning players get a lot of bang for their buck if they acquire them – you do need a 10 kill streak after all.

A weird texture glitch seems to exist in Call of Duty: Vanguard that pretty much resurrects dead doggos. Multiple posts on the Vanguard subreddit have all revealed evidence of this happening to them, showing that this isn’t a one-off event.

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This first post showed an elastic demon dog bouncing around Ship Haus uncontrollably, ricocheting violently off of the walls and floors. But if you’re on an outside map then the effects can look even worse.

“What type of birds are these?” was the appropriately titled post for the next video that revealed the dog’s true demonic form.

The dog’s corpses are capable of terrorizing the skies with their horribly contorted and stretched bodies. They resemble horrifying demon birds and are an unwelcome distraction when you’re in heated combat on a smaller map.
Finally, the last example showed how the dogs are capable of immobilizing you. One player was hiding in a container on Shipment, and after fending off the threat of a normal Attack Dog, they then defeated a demon dog that behaved so erratically it crashed the player’s game.
This bug is obviously a wild one but according to one commenter isn’t new: “Yes, it’s appeared since the beta.”
So this isn’t a new problem, and now begs the question of whether or not Sledgehammer Games will fix these alarming demon dogs.