CoD Vanguard April 18 update patch notes: Ray Gun fix, new bomb timer & more

Alec Mullins
Sledgehammer Games

The newest Vanguard update is live with some new fixes. From reducing game crashes related to the Ray Gun in Zombies to adding the bomb timer to Ranked Play, this is everything contained in the new patch. 

Sledgehammer Games and its supporting studios have been on a hot streak of fixing smaller bugs and problems in Vanguard in 2022.

April 18’s update carries the torch by making some minor but much-needed adjustments that span across the entirety of the game.

What changed in Vanguard’s April 18 update?

operator aiming and firing ray gun in vanguard zombiesActivision
The Ray Gun is safe to use again thanks to the latest update.

The most notable adjustment was the fix for inspecting your weapons in Zombies mode. The devs tackled a problem with both the Ray Gun and the Decimator Shield wonder weapon that would previously cause the entire game to crash.

On top of this, they also patched up another crashing bug that was stopping Xbox players from waking their game up out of its idle state.

The final big change was the addition of the bomb timer to the ranked play Search & Destroy HUD.

Before this change players previously had to open up the scoreboard to check how much time was left until detonation.

This staple feature of the game mode was mysteriously missing in Vanguard until now.

For more information, check out the full patch notes listed below.

Vanguard April 18 update full patch notes

  • Castle
    • Addressed an issue where Operators could be invisible during the MVP Voting phase.

  • Search & Destroy
    • Bomb timers will now always be shown on the HUD.
  • Arms Race
    • Improved physics when colliding with a Nebula Crate using the CD12 Transport vehicle.

  • Combat Shield (Melee)
    • Addressed an issue that caused Operator heads to disappear when using a Combat Shield and Akimbo weapons.

  • Glide Bomb (5 Kills)
    • Targetting UI elements will no longer persist if a teammate uses a Ball Turret Gunner while the player’s Glide Bomb is active.

  • Addressed an issue that prevented some players from being placed on a Ladder after completing their 5 Skill Evaluation matches.

  • Progression is now accurately displayed on the Rank widget in Multiplayer menus.
  • Players can now access the Armory while the cross-platform play option is disabled.
  • Operators will now showcase the correct Weapon during the countdown of a Free-for-All match.
  • Fixed a crash when resuming the game from an idle state on Xbox consoles.

  • The Hard Shell Bundle will now grant the correct item for the Typhoon Weapon Charm.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented Halima’s face from properly animating during loot previews.


  • Addressed a stability issue where players would be kicked from a match when reviving a player using melee and tactical items only.
  • Added stability fixes for crashes that would occur while inspecting the Decimator Shield or Ray Gun. Weapon inspects for both of these items have been enabled.