CoD SnD star banned for cheating after getting praise from Shotzzy


A Call of Duty SnD player has been banned for cheating, just days after getting praised by pro player Shotzzy for shredding on stream.

Cheating in games is a problem not limited to just CoD, of course. Whether it is in speed runs, tournaments, or casual play, the issue seriously hurts the ones trying to simply play by the rules.

Cheats are becoming increasingly available and some players have been caught foul of downloading one or two small things, hoping they can pass it off as skill. It is a risky game, too – get caught and the ban hammer can come out.

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Now, it appears rising star Cr9fty has also been caught flouting the rules. Their PC was checked and multiple cheats were found to be installed.

CoD SnD player Cr9fty banned

A video on Twitter started circulating of the player Cr9fty making a 1v4 comeback in SnD, playing it out so well that Shotzzy donated 100 subs after he won the round.

Cr9fty was also part of and won a $10k tournament on February 11.

Only a few days later, it was revealed that Cr9fty had been cheating for quite some time.

CMGBrett took to Twitter with more evidence in multiple threads explaining what had happened. 

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Brett had checked Cr9fty’s PC and discovered a handful of orders for cheats dating back to October 2022. Checkmate Gaming (CMG) is an online esports platform that lets users to compete in competitive gaming.

While some users accused those at CMG. of knowing about this for much longer, CMGBrett explained their process of detection and said: “Anyone we (CMG) have reasonable suspicions off but cannot 100% confirm hacking, those players will be made Console only so they CANT even play on PC. Players found to be cheating 100% with boxes, aimbot, subscriptions ETC will be perm banned.”

Cr9fty must have been on their radar already as his PC was searched soon after the tournament, leading to the permanent ban.

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