CoD pros ACHES and Decemate react after ‘snaking’ is seen in Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward/CWL

Current Call of Duty professionals for Team Envy, Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato, have reacted to the potential of ‘snaking’ in the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Despite the full multiplayer reveal for Modern Warfare having taken place on August 1, much remains unclear about the game, including the esports side of it. No League Play mode has been confirmed as of yet, nor whether it will retain Black Ops 4’s 5v5 format. 

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On August 2, CoD pros Decemate and ACHES reacted similarly to an emergent video clip featuring Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin, which appears to show a member of the YouTuber’s team performing a ‘snaking’ movement. 

YouTube: ConflictMLGSnaking was such a dominant topic in last year’s WW2, that YouTube tutorials were made.
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‘Snaking’ has long been a controversial topic in the CoD community, in particular among professional players,  as usually more skilled and competitive players will use the exploit.

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It involves players manipulating the game’s prone mechanic, and adjusting to crouching or standing quickly, so their character performs a motion that has been likened to a snake’s slither. 

However, when done quickly and behind the right cover, it can result in the player being almost invulnerable, as they are still able to peek over the cover behind which they are based. It has been a prominent debate in past CoDs, including Infinity Ward’s previous title, Infinite Warfare. 

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Envy star Decemate, who originally tweeted the video, simply captioned it “no!”. ACHES echoed this sentiment, stating: “Oh god no. No! No! No! No!”

While snaking has undoubtedly been manipulated by professional players in the past, it’s fair to say the majority of them do not want to see it return when Modern Warfare drops in October this year. 

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The maneuver even garnered so much controversy in Infinite Warfare, that Infinity Ward released patches to reduce its effectiveness. 

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While it has been in no way confirmed to play a big role in Modern Warfare, the video clip does point to it being a movement possibility, at least in the game’s current build. 

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