CoD pro Slacked roasted by NFL stars Patrick Mahomes & Tyreek Hill

EA SPORTS / Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge’s Call of Duty pro Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry got some big praise from Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay for his in-game skills – but Super Bowl winners Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill took the opportunity to roast him, instead.

There has been a big merging in the sports and esports worlds over recent years, and even more so due to the ongoing global pandemic that is leaving sports stars with nothing to do but explore other interests.

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One of those interests, obviously, is video games, and now Slacked has managed to run some Warzone games with Slay and San Francisco 49ers CB Richard Sherman – but some other NFL stars took the opportunity to roast him for his play instead.

Twitter: Slacked
Slacked is a huge fan of Mahomes and the Chiefs – and even made them part of his wedding day in 2019.

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After Slay tweeted about Slacked being “so good it’s crazy,” Kansas City Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill called Slacked “so washed” and challenged him to a Fortnite 1v1 – even saying that he’ll give the CoD pro $100 if he could kill the wide receiver just once.

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If that wasn’t enough, 2020 Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes rubbed even more salt in the wound, saying that he “promises [Slacked] is washed these days.”

Obviously, Slacked gives as good as he gets, and told Mahomes that neither of them could kill him and he would “play with one hand.”

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Slacked has long been a very passionate Kansas City Chiefs fan, so to have some of the team and league’s biggest stars calling him out could probably be a pretty daunting prospect, though it might not be much of a challenge for a professional like him.

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After his response, another Chiefs player, wide receiver Mecole Hardman, told Slacked that he “loves the confidence,” obviously backing the CoD pro over his teammates on the field.

Clearly, despite all major sports and esports leagues being out of action for the foreseeable future, there may be some crossovers in the digital world as players look to fill their spare time.

Who knows, Slacked might even get the chance to back up his claims.

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