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CoD Pro Karma slams Modern Warfare devs for worst spawns “ever”

Published: 1/Mar/2020 15:04

by Andy Williams


Three-time Call of Duty world champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow is the latest pro to lash out at Infinity Ward over issues with Modern Warfare’s spawn system.

It’s no secret that Infinity Ward has had a turbulent time following Modern Warfare’s release back in October 2019. Although it was a massive success financially, and has been praised for its innovations, it is not without faults.

Alongside releasing a plethora of content as part of their season-based strategy, the developers have spent a good chunk of their time fixing a seemingly endless list of bugs, glitches and other snags..

Operator in Modern Warfare.
Infinity Ward have been working through plenty of Modern Warfare’s issues since release.

Given how much time pro players spend on the game each and every day, they’re perhaps the most likely to encounter issues first.

From Chicago Huntsmen’s Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson uncovering a game-breaking vision glitch on St. Petrograd, to Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi sparking debate among pros regarding the infamous slide-cancel exploit — pros haven’t been afraid to express their opinion on Modern Warfare.

However, it’s no secret that Infinity Ward’s latest title has struggled with its spawn system… And another CoD pro, Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, showcased just how bad Modern Warfare’s spawns can be while playing Shipment.

Karma is the latest to join a long list of elite players complaining about Infinity Ward’s ‘squad spawn system’ — a framework that has caused quite the stir among pros. After previously falling victim to Rammaza’s unpredictable Hardpoint spawns, Karma appears to be at the end of his tether with Infinity Ward.

After sarcastically thanking the developers for “most sh*te spawn system I’ve ever played in any game,” Karma also seems to have lost all faith in the spawn system ever being fixed.

In his follow-up Tweet, the Seattle Surge pro implied that the spawns system would never be fixed given that the crux of the issue stems from the squad spawning.

Former teammate, Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte, edged in with “let me teach you,” before going on to explain how understanding the spawns isn’t “rocket science.” However, he also added that they’re “not very CoD-like at all.”

Fellow CDL pro, Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris, simply responded saying “I like the use of the word sh*te,” while Florida Mutineers’ Chance ‘Maux’ Moncivaez replied detailing a separate issue which he had encountered, with the ‘blue screen bug.’

Both Zer0 and Maux will join Karma at CDL Los Angeles this coming weekend where they will battle it out in the City of Angels for their chance of grabbing 50 CDL Points.

Call of Duty

Best Warzone kills against cheaters exploiting the Stim glitch

Published: 18/Jan/2021 5:12

by Theo Salaun


Taking matters into their own hands, some of Call of Duty: Warzone’s bravest players have, quite literally, gone out of their way to punish cheating exploiters who abuse the notorious Stim glitch.

As most Warzone fans have become familiar with by now, there is an unlimited Stim Shot glitch that pops into existence, gets patched out, and then returns every once in a while. The bug allows you to use an infinite amount of Stim Shots, enabling players to remain in the gas indefinitely and secure easy wins while those who play fairly die to the final circles.

Unfortunately, as time passes, more and more exploiters have become aware of the glitch and prone to abusing it. Fortunately, more and more players with competitive integrity have become aware of those exploiters and prone to exacting justice by punishing them.

While few things are more satisfying than a high-kill Warzone victory, one such thing is the cathartic sensation of a cheater being killed and therefore robbed of their illegitimate win. Highlighted by one of Warzone’s very best, Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James, here are the best kills against Stim glitch exploiters.

Unwilling to be denied their 100-kill victory, Jukeyz and his team got set up with self-revives, gas masks, and a UAV to go seek out and eliminate the exploiter in their lobby. Driving directly into the toxic gas, Jukeyz is able to hop out (as his driver is downed by the green cloud) and delete the prone cheater.

And Jukeyz isn’t alone in obliterating these exploiters. Reddit’s ‘thebigeasy31’ decimated the hubris of one such exploiter, who brashly thought they could start Stim glitching earlier in the game with a Most Wanted contact on his head. Instead, bigeasy gave him a bullet to the head.

And last, but certainly not least, Reddit’s ‘Millertime166’ took it upon themself to pull off a one-man vigilante act by seeking out a Stim glitcher on Rebirth Island. Heading into the gas, copping a Gas Mask, and getting into a vehicle, Millertime used their last remaining HP to kill off a silly cheater who was hidden behind a wall.

Wasn’t about to let a stim glitcher steal my squads W from CODWarzone

While the Stim glitch was supposed to have been removed during the January 13 patch, some believe it persists, albeit in a more limited fashion. Nevertheless, most expect it could possibly make a return at some point.

If it does come back, these players prove that the game’s developers are not the only ones who can counteract cheaters. Like those who killed off exploiters who were abusing the Promenade truck glitch, Verdansk’s finest have begun carrying out their own brand of justice.