CoD players want Warzone 2 to finally fix the ‘boring’ weapon meta

Warzone Opertaor holding weaponActivision

Players are desperate for Warzone 2 to be the fresh start that the CoD battle royale needs and they’ve already expressed the changes they want to see when it comes to the sequel’s meta.

Warzone 2 is set to release later this year, and players are looking forward to a clean slate with Infinity Ward at the helm. After an incredibly successful run, much of the community has grown frustrated with the original Warzone, especially since the move to Caldera.

The release of the Season 4 Reloaded update, which featured the Terminator crossover event, did go down well with fans, but attention is well and truly on what comes next.

With Warzone 2 on the horizon, players have begun outlining what they want to see in the sequel, and it appears that more variety is top of the list for many fans.

Players call for more meta weapon variety in Warzone 2

Reddit user OmegaReign78 started a thread explaining what their biggest Warzone 2 wish was, saying: “You know what my main desire for WZ2 is? For every weapon class to have a purpose.”

He went on to point out how one note the Warzone meta has become, with Assault Rifles and SMGs rendering other weapon types useless due to how effective they are. “Why pick up a Shotgun when an SMG can outpace you at point-blank range? Why bother with sniping when a near-recoilless AR can melt you before you take that shot?”

Other users supported the OP’s sentiment, with one reply saying: “I’m bored s***less with the lame Vanguard metas. It’s the same every time: Insert skill-less no recoil AR, insert new overtuned SMG which will dominate for 1 month before being nerfed and the next one is released.”

“Agreed. I hate that anything other than SMG/AR is outside of the Meta. Pistols are dead, LMGs and snipers aren’t recommended and shotguns are literally a sign you’re a noob,” said another.

Meanwhile, some felt that weapon variety is one area that other titles like Battlefield get the better of CoD, arguing that in Warzone “there’s no distinction between who’s fighting on the ground, everyone can do everything.”

At the time of writing, according to WZ Ranked, the top 10 most popular weapons in Warzone are either Assault Rifles or SMGs, with no LMGs or Shotguns present in the top 30. This highlights just how dominant the other classes are and why players are calling for more meta variety in the sequel.

Only time will tell whether or not these issues will be addressed, but fans will be hoping to see a diverse and varied meta in Warzone 2, where all types of weapons are viable in different scenarios.