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Call of Duty

CoD player’s viral controller technique is a bigger “menace to society” than claw

Published: 8/Jun/2021 0:37

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty controller player has gone viral on TikTok after showcasing his preferred controller technique — and it’s weirder than “claw.” Holding his controller upside down, people have described him as a “menace to society.”

Past the controller vs keyboard and mouse debates, the gaming community even has infighting within the controller scene. One brave soldier in those battles is TikTok’s georgeroopz, who saw a video making fun of people who play “claw” and decided to enter the fray.

For those who are unaware, claw players grip their controllers in a special, raised fashion where each hand’s pointer fingers can be used to hit face buttons as their middle and ring fingers use the paddles. (The traditional grip has thumbs handling all face buttons and analog sticks, while pointer fingers manage the paddles.)


But georgeroopz isn’t part of the normal or claw regiments. Instead, he holds his controller upside-down, with inverted controls. And that is not a lie, he has apparently been doing it since he was two years old — and he knows how wild it is.

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In response to a video suggesting that claw players are “sociopaths,” George takes things a few steps further and decides to show off his own technique. Explaining that he’s been told multiple times that this grip makes him a “menace to society,” he proceeds to flip the controller around and play a match upside-down.


Apparently comfortable fielding frequently asked questions, George even answers some that he’s sure people are wondering: “Are my in-game controls inverted? No, not really. But the inputs for my brain are.”

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While we won’t judge his brain or his grip, it’s clear that TikTok has some thoughts on the behavior. Some of the popular replies call him a “hazard to the nation” and a “threat to this world.” Others are less concerned and simply call this technique “unbelievably impressive.”