CoD Players Hit Insane Grapple Hook Trickshots in Black Ops 4 Beta

Albert Petrosyan
U6_Tinka / Pamaj

Trickshotting has been a staple throughout the different generations of Call of Duty games, and it looks like it will be back again in Black Ops 4.

It even appears that the classic style of trickshotting will feature a new dynamic in the new title, involving the use of the new Grapple Gun.

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The Grapple Gun is the specialist issue equipment available to the Ruin Specialist, allowing the user to “quickly grapple and zip to locations nearby.”

During this past Private Beta weekend, players experimented with several techniques, showcasing the potential of the Grapple Gun trickshotting in Black Ops 4.

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A player known as ‘U6_Tinka‘ on Twitter has posted a clip hitting an incredible trickshot using the specialist equipment mid-game. 

‘Rio4TC,’ a live-streamer on Twitch, posted this clip of his Grapple Gun no-scope snipe. 

Although the shot doesn’t have the spinning movement usually found in classic trickshots, it does demonstrate how the equipment can be used to nail some nice snipes.

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It looks like the Grapple Gun will be one of the main items of focus for trickshotters in Black Ops 4, as it opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities. 

With the Private Beta set to return for another full weekend of action on August 10, players will have another several days to try out their own tricks and stunts with the Grapple Gun, and any other equipment or in-game item.