CoD players explore potential of Black Ops Cold War diving board

. 2 years ago
BOCW Miami map.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha is live and the CoD community is having a lot of fun with one area in particular: the Miami map’s functional diving board.

Diving boards are one of mankind’s most intuitive inventions: a large plank atop a pool of water that has enough give to allow a prospective diver the opportunity to bounce themself upward. Unlike birds, humans have a tumultuous relationship with the physics of gravity and seek out any and all opportunities to defy its inherent pull toward the earth.

In the past, Call of Duty titles have toyed with the gravity by allowing players to rock jetpacks or utilize grappling hooks. While neither appears prevalent in the upcoming title from Treyarch and Raven Software, they have included a functional diving board in their Miami multiplayer map and its bounce appears to be fully intended.

As shown in the third-person by players like ‘winterWhiteout’ experimenting on Reddit, the Miami diving board allows you to gain some serious height when utilized correctly as a jumping pad. Unsurprisingly, for a community that truly loves its trick shots, that air time has been fully taken advantage of for some hilarious Day 1 plays.

The Call of Duty League’s pros have immediately gotten in on the action too, with a joyful clip from a positively giddy James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks bouncing and securing kills like a lifeguard gone rogue.

Clayster’s clip, in which he snags two kills simply by showing off his vertical on the plank, gained enough traction for Activision’s official CoD account to confirm that the mechanic is intended. Their quote tweet suggests that the bouncy board is unlikely to be removed: “Can’t wait for you to break this one out next season.”

But Clayster and Reddit aren’t the only ones having fun in Miami. The vintage Call of Duty energy is real with this one, as content creators have already jumped on the opportunity, pun intended, to get some nasty trick shots.

As Clayster showed, you can get some nice sight lines by bouncing about. As FryeGuy showed, the air time can give you some silly trick-shot potential. There is no cover surrounding the diving board, though, so players must weigh the risk against the reward.

All we know is that this fun little plank is expected to increase jumping abilities into the CDL’s 2021 season and that means we could be seeing some hilarious highlights on the regular.

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