CoD players demand Warzone 2.0 adds punishments for early leavers

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Call of Duty players are demanding that Warzone 2.0 bring more punishments for players who leave matches early.

Warzone 2.0 is almost here, and dedicated players of the battle royale are hoping that big changes are coming for the Infinity Ward and Raven Software FPS game.

Although there are plenty of gameplay changes fans would love to see, there are also a few alterations to the game’s matchmaking and lobbies players want, including how it treats players who abandon games mid-match.

Warzone 2.0 logo on Mercado Las Almas Modern Warfare 2 mapActivision
Warzone 2.0 launches on November 16.

CoD fans want Warzone 2.0 to punish leavers

User gtgcya posted to the CoD Warzone subreddit a post demanding big changes to how Warzone 2.0 should deal with players who quit matches early.

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In the body of the post they shared how fed up they are with players who instantly quit a match the first time they’re downed.

“It feels literally impossible to have a successful game solo-queuing. You either get teammates who have no game sense whatsoever or teammates who just leave as soon as they go down. This mostly happens to me in Resurgence, but f**k is it annoying.

“I know the game isn’t “competitive”, but it would be a lot easier to enjoy a game if one of my teammates didn’t quit out instantly.”

It’s been a fairly big topic throughout Warzone’s history, and the player-base is voicing their desire to see it end once and for all in the BR sequel.

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Other users in the comment section shared what specific changes they’d like to see once the sequel shooter finally drops.

One said, “If and only if they properly detect crashes/disconnects versus voluntarily leaving. Even better, catch up to other Battle Royales and add a reconnect button for Pete’s sake!”

Another Warzone player said teammates leaving “ruins the experience” of the game, and that the lack of penalties for leaving overall keeps games non-competitive.

Hopefully, for players who don’t abandon their teammates frequently, the devs can fix this problem once Warzone 2.0 officially drops.