CoD player allegedly sent threats to opponent after scrim turned sour [UPDATED] - Dexerto
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CoD player allegedly sent threats to opponent after scrim turned sour [UPDATED]

Published: 11/Jul/2019 13:14 Updated: 11/Jul/2019 17:22

by Daniel Cleary


A competitive Call of Duty player allegedly threatened to shoot his opponent over an argument during scrims ahead of the CWL Finals in Miami on July 19. The accused player has since stated that  he is friends with his opponent and meant no ill will towards him.

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CWL Miami is the last chance for CoD players who are competing in the Amateur Circuit to book their place in the most prestigious event of the year, the Call of Duty World Championship.

Good practice can often be difficult to find for amateur teams in the lead up to events and it’s not unheard of for practice games and scrims to result in disagreements. However, one argument among competitors reportedly spiraled far out of control on July 11.


Players will have a chance to qualify for the Call of Duty World Championship at CWL Miami.
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After a scrim session between teams was apparently delayed, opposing players started to argue with one another and the situation quickly deteriorated. Claims of one player threatening to shoot his opponents in Miami came after ‘JSwavey’ shared his side of the disagreement between him and opponent ‘ReallySilent’.

Although there was no clip of the in-game argument itself, JSwavey claimed on Twitter that he had received death threats ahead of CWL Miami, saying: “He said he got the 40 for me at Miami? LMAO ALL OVER A SCRIM?

TwitterThe pair traded many personal insults back and forth during their argument.
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The argument then spilled over to Twitter with ReallySilent responding to JSwavey’s claims, leading to the pair having an intense exchange on the social media platform.


JSwavey said that ReallySilent was threatening him even though he was a father, saying: “Lol dude got a whole kid talking about shooting me at an event.”

ReallySilent responded, saying: “Take it there and I’ll have to hit the family up and TRUST me you don’t want that.”

The pair continued to go back and forth with each other debating which one of them started the argument and trading more personal insults before the exchange eventually ended.

Update, 9:40AM PT, July 11: ‘ReallySilent’ has reached out to Dexerto, explaining that the exchange was not as serious as it appears, claiming that he and JSwavey are long time friends, and says the situation has now been resolved.


“Basically it meant 0 between the both of us,” he told Dexerto. “He misunderstood what I said and thought I was talking crap to him and told me he would ‘beat my ass” so I said ‘run up on me I got the 40’ or something like that. Didn’t actually say I’d shoot him or anything weird I’ve known him for half a decade and both of us knew our argument had 0 weight. Our mistake was bringing it to Twitter. But no. I was not serious and we have nothing but love for each other it was all a misunderstanding and not that deep at all!”

JSwavey also took to Twitter to confirm that the argument had been resolved, saying: “Cops should not get involved. Y’all making this bigger than what it is. The shit was squashed HOURS ago.”


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Enigma6 star, Adam ‘GodRx’ Brown, took notice of the intense online argument and expressed his feelings about the behavior on display. 

“Literally see someone threatening to shoot someone over a scrim,” he exclaimed. “What’s wrong with people nowadays?”

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It is unclear as of yet if the players involved will face any sanctions at CWL Miami following the incident.

Fans will be able to watch GodRx as well as many other pro Call of Duty players battle it out at the CWL Finals which gets underway on July 19 in the Miami Beach Convention Center.


The top amateur teams will also be doing their best at CWL Miami, as the Top 16 placing teams in the Open bracket event will all qualify for the Call of Duty World Championship