CoD Mobile Season 8 Train to Nowhere patch notes: Express map, Butterfly Knife, more

CoD Mobile Season 8 cover artActivision

CoD Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere is now in spotlight with a range of new weapons in the mix alongside a classic Black Ops map in Express. From the full patch notes to a full look at new content in the update, here’s everything you need to know.

Following on from one of CoD Mobile’s biggest seasons yet with Vision City’s Ghost in the Shell collab, Season 8 has now come into focus.

Train to Nowhere implements a number of powerful weapons and even send players back to one of the most beloved competitive maps in recent years. But as always, there’s plenty more to the major seasonal patch under the surface.

With the new update now live, be sure to brush up with everything there is to know about CoD Mobile Season 8.


CoD Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere release date

CoD Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere went live on Wednesday, September 7 at 5PM PT. While we typically base new seasonal updates on existing Battle Passes, Season 8’s launch was confirmed right away through the description on the first teaser trailer.

As always, players around the world were able to access the new content immediately after installing the update.

New CoD Mobile Season 8 weapons: ZRG 20mm Sniper & Butterfly Knife

Two new weapons were confirmed for the Season 8 update, as both the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle and Butterfly Knife Melee Weapon were included in the content drop.

Having appeared in Black Ops Cold War, the ZRG sniper is a powerful bolt-action gun capable of wiping foes out with one clean upper body shit. As a tradeoff, only three rounds are included in each magazine, meaning you’ll have to time your shots well.

As for the new Melee Weapon, the Butterfly Knife has appeared previously in both Black Ops 3 and Modern Warfare 2019. As a flashy tool, there’ll be no shortage of visual flair when players wield this blade.

CoD Mobile Season 8 new weaponsActivision
Two weapons from previous titles made their return in CoD Mobile Season 8.

While the ZRG sniper is available for free in the Season 8 Battle Pass at Tier 21, the Butterfly Knife must be unlocked through the Knife to Meet You seasonal challenge.

CoD Mobile Season 8: Express map arrives

Having first launched in 2012’s Black Ops 2, Express quickly made an impact and become one of the more beloved competitive maps in the franchise. Following a second appearance in Black Ops Cold War, it’s now back in rotation once again as CoD Mobile fans can get in on the action.

Boasting a unique layout, Express drops players onto an active train station. Tying in with Season 8’s theme, we’re sure to see trains blitzing through the map and wiping players out before they can react.

CoD Mobile Express mapActivision
Keep an eye out for deadly trains rushing through Express.

New Spycraft Perk in CoD Mobile Season 8

Alongside Black Ops 2’s Express, a Perk from the title also arrived in CoD Mobile’s Season 8 update. Spycraft is now in effect, enabling players to hack a range of enemy equipment and turn it to your side.

Through the CoD Mobile version, players can hack enemy Trophy Systems, Trip Mines, SAM Turrets, Sentry Guns, Transform Shields, and Munitions Boxes. Once hacked, they’ll work in your favor.

For the time being, specifics haven’t been revealed, but we know for certain the Spycraft Perk will be unlockable through the Utility of Spies Seasonal Challenge.

CoD Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere Battle Pass

A new season means a new Battle Pass and with Train to Nowhere, there’s plenty available in both the free and premium track.

In terms of free rewards, a new Battle Royale class titled‘ Igniter’ is available for all players at Tier 14. Additionally, the aforementioned ZRG 20mm sniper is also in the free track at Tier 21. We also see the usual rewards like camos, Blueprints, and other cosmetics included once again.

On the premium side of the Season 8 Battle Pass, players can grab everything from Operator skins to further weapon Blueprints, including one for the newly arriving ZRG 20mm sniper.

CoD Mobile Season 8 patch notes


New Map


  • The fan-favorite map from the Call of Duty: Black Ops Series, Express, has been officially added to the map pool!

New Perk


  • When equipped with Spycraft, the players can hack enemy Field Upgrades including Trophy System, Trip Mine, SAM Turret, Sentry Turret, Transform Shield, and Munitions Box. These units can be controlled after the manual hack is complete.

Adjusted the Map Pool of the Ranked Match

  • We have added the Nuketown and Raid into the Generic Map Pool for their good performance in the New Map Pool.
  • Meanwhile, we have optimized the spawn locations of Miami Strike due to bad performance in the Generic Map Pool. After the optimization, the Miami Strike will also be added to the New Map Pool.


  • Nuketown – Added into the Generic Map Pool.
  • Miami Strike – Added into the New Map Pool.


  • Raid – Added into the Generic Map Pool.
  • Miami Strike – Added into the New Map Pool.

Bug Fix


  • We fixed the bug that had a deviation in the captured area of the second node in Hardpoint mode.


  • We fixed the bug that caused players to not capture the node in specific situations.

Battle Royale

1. Spy Intel Event

In the Battle Royale of the new season Train to Nowhere, players can collect the Data Cache lost on the map to get the intel. Once the player wins the match and brings the Data Cache back, the whole team will be rewarded. The player will get the following buffs that come with carrying the Data Cache:

  • The player will receive unlimited firepower support and reload will cost no ammo.
  • The Data Cache can reveal the number of nearby enemies. The number will update instantly in the HUD of the left-hand corner.

In addition, the player will also get the following debuff that comes with carrying the Data Cache:

Everyone is eager to get the Data Cache that contains the intel. The location of the player carrying the Data Cache will be marked on the map and the location refreshes every 30s. The closer the target unit is, the more precise the location is.

2. New Weapon Refresh

  • ZRG 20mm is now available in Battle Royale.

3. Bug Fix

  • We have fixed the ORV’s abnormal phenomena caused by any crash.

Comprehensive Update

1. New Feature: Parameters in the Private Match can be customized now!

  • This new feature is available in some modes of MP/BR. The players can customize different parameters based on different modes. All the parameters that can be customized are listed as follows:

2. Player Control

  • Controls the HP, jump height, and energy recovery rate.

3. Safe Zone Shrink Frequency

  • Controls the safe zone shrink frequency.

4. Airdrop Control

  • Controls whether the airdrop will be delivered or not.

5. Teammate Recovery

  • Controls the revive rules.

6. Class Control

  • Controls whether the player can use the class or not on Spawn Island. The player can also decide which classes can be used.

7. Sound Indicator

  • Controls whether the player can see the indicator for gunfire, footstep, and vehicle.

8. Armor Repair

  • Controls whether the armor repair will be refreshed or not.

9. Limited Ammo

  • Controls the amount of ammo. If turned off, the player can use limitless ammo.

10. Limited Throwables

  • Controls the amount of throwable. If turned off, the player can use limitless throwables.

11. Supply Boxes

  • Controls whether the supply boxes will be refreshed or not.

12. Weapon

  • Controls the refresh rule of the weapon.

13. Throwable

  • Controls the refresh rule of the throwable.

14. Vehicle

  • Controls which vehicles will be refreshed.

Optimized the Weapon Animation

  • We have optimized the fire and bolt animation of the Koshka.
  • We have optimized the reload animation of the Man-O-War.

Optimized the Scorestreaks Performance

  • Lightning Strike: We have optimized its indicator of the strike range to better mark the actual strike areas.

New Weapons

ZRG 20mm

  • A heavy and reliable bolt-action sniper rifle with a large caliber, fast bullet speed, and great damage. When equipped with a special attachment, it can deal greater damage to vehicles.

Butterfly Knife

  • An exquisite flip-action knife that gracefully displays the user’s full capability. Its sheath becomes a handle when unfolding.

Balance Adjustment

Multiplayer & Battle Royale

  • The strength of the KSP 45 has shown us the great potential of the burst guns in the current release. It’s time to bring these diverse burst guns back to the battleground!

Swordfish Buffed

  • Fire Interval between Bursts: Reduced
  • Hip-fire Bullet Spread: Increased (MP Only)
  • ADS Speed: Increased

Halberd Mag

  • Fire Interval In Burst: Reduced

Pharo Buffed

Pharo has great potential in damage, even better than the ksp45 in its heyday. However, its strange trajectory makes it difficult to get started. We have greatly improved its recoil control and appropriately reduced its range, making its risk and profit more controllable.

  • Recoil: Reduced
  • Range: Reduced

Chicom Buffed

  • Damage Multiplier: Increased

Oden Buffed

Oden remains unchanged while other Assault Rifles with low fire rates have been buffed in the recent releases. We have slightly reduced its recoil and increased its range to ensure its strength.

  • Recoil: Reduced
  • Range: Increased

PPSh-41 Buffed

  • Horizontal Recoil: Reduced

Chopper Buffed

Chopper is an LMG with high hip-fire accuracy and mobility. However, its short range and low penetration limit the suppression capability that LMGs are known for. Therefore, we have buffed its ADS accuracy, damage, and range.

  • ADS Accuracy: Increased
  • Damage: Increased
  • Range: Increased

QXR Buffed

QXR was nerfed heavily a while back and since then, it hasn’t been able to compete with mainstream weapons. Therefore, we want to bring it back to its normal strength.

  • Damage: Increased

KRM-262 Buffed

In the last adjustment, we improved the benefit of KRM-262’s central pellet hits. However, the average damage of non-precision shots was reduced, which makes it unreliable in high-intensity combat.

Therefore, we have adjusted its damage and pellet allocation to improve its fault tolerance of non-precision shots.

  • Damage: Increased
  • Range: Increased
  • Hip-fire Central Pellets Spread: Reduced

JAK-12 Nerfed

JAK-12 now exceeds the expected suppression capability after a round of buffs in the Shotgun class. Therefore, we have reduced its effective range to make the players more careful in selecting it.

  • Damage Multiplier: Reduced
  • Range: Reduced

MX9 Buffed

MX9 is extremely low in its strength for its low damage and hard control after previously being nerfed. After the adjustments, we hope to bring it back to its normal strength.

  • Damage: Increased
  • Adjusted the damage/range/damage multiplier in Battle Royale to be all the same with MP mode.

LK24 Buffed

Its high accuracy and stability at medium and long range didn’t attract the players during the current release. It’s time to reward the soldiers with precision shot ability. (Not available in Zombies Mode)

  • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased

HG 40 Buffed

Compared with other SMGs, HG 40 is weak in the fire rate and it cannot exert its advantage. After the adjustments, we hope its effective combat range can go back to the mainstream level to enable the players to make full use of it. (Not available in Zombies Mode)

  • Range: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased

AK-47 Buffed

This classic weapon is significantly popular in BR but not that popular in MP. Therefore, we have increased its damage multiplier to improve its strength to the mainstream level.

  • Damage Multiplier: Increased


Operator Skill

Reactor Core Nerfed

  • Damage Radius: Reduced
  • Activate Energy Needed: Increased
  • Energy Recovery Rate: Reduced

Gravity Spikes Buffed

  • Energy Recovery Rate: Increased

Claw Buffed

  • The bullet damage will not be reduced after the rebound.

Lethal and Tactical Adjustment

Flash Drone Nerfed

  • Effective Radius: Reduced

Concussion Grenade Nerfed

  • Effective Radius: Reduced
  • Max Duration: Reduced
  • Min Duration: Reduced

Thermite Nerfed

  • Effective Radius: Reduced
  • Duration: Reduced

Trophy System Buffed

  • Detect Radius: Increased

Flashbang Grenade Buffed

  • Effective Radius: Adjusted to 10m
  • Max Effective Duration: Increased

Contact Grenade Buffed

  • Throw Speed: Increased
  • Damage: Increased
  • Damage Radius: Increased

Molotov Cocktail Buffed

  • Duration: Increased

Echo Grenade Buffed

  • Detect Radius: Increased

Battle Royale

SVD Buffed

We noticed that the players have limited choices of Snipers with a medium fire rate in BR. It’s time to bring a new choice for combat at medium and long distances in BR.

  • Range of First Stage: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Base Vertical Recoil: Reduced

Type 25 Buffed

  • Range: Increased
  • Damage: Increased

GKS Buffed

  • Range: Increased

CR-56 AMAX Buffed

Compared to other Assault Rifles with a medium fire rate, the damage of CR-56 AMAX is relatively low. Therefore, we increased its damage by putting it in a more balanced place.

  • Damage: Increased

HVK-30 Nerfed

After being buffed twice, especially in MP mode, HVK-30 is now too powerful in BR combat at medium range. Therefore, we have adjusted its damage penetration in Battle Royale.

  • Range: Adjusted
  • Base Damage: Adjusted

Adjustment of the Class Skill

Clown Buffed

  • Recharge Speed: Increased
  • Tracking Range: Increased

Airborne Buffed

  • Recharge Speed: Increased

Support – Profession Passive Skill Nerfed

  • Time spent to revive teammates won’t be reduced after the Class upgrade.