CoD Mobile reveal Blackout map from BO4: release date, BR details, more

CoD Mobile Blackout announcementCall of Duty Mobile

Blackout was a fan-favorite game mode in Black Ops 4. As Call of Duty’s first foray into Battle Royale, the game’s map cultivated a devoted fanbase. That fandom only looks to expand as the beloved map lands in COD Mobile. 

Call of Duty Mobile has received a big upgrade in the form of the fan-favorite Black Ops 4 Battle Royale map: Blackout.

First debuting as part of 2018’s Black Ops 4, Blackout was something of a hidden gem in the community. While it never achieved the dazzling heights that Warzone has now reached, it was still a solid game mode in its own right.

Here’s everything we know about Blackout coming to the mobile game.

When is Blackout coming to COD Mobile?

Cod Mobile BlackoutCall of Duty Mobile
Blackout features a range of original locations and iconic maps from the Black Ops franchise.

The map will arrive at 5 pm CT on September 22, 2021.

This will give players plenty of time to hit the original version of the map and reorient themselves if they’re interested in getting a headstart on the competition.

Blackout map in Call of Duty Mobile

Blackout map from BO4Treyarch/Call of Duty
The Blackout map will remain unchanged in it’s mobile debut

As of now, there are no major changes coming to the map in this new version.

The map will feature all of the classic Points of Interest, and a few of the later additions, such as Hijacked and Ghost Town. Fans can still rely on seeing old favorites such as Raid — one-half of the Estates location — and Nuketown Island, among others.

This is a different game than Black Ops 4, however, so not all of these locations are going to play exactly the same as they did in the past.

Gameplay changes in Call of Duty Mobile

CoD Mobile Aether Hunt eventActivision
Call of Duty mobile doesn’t play exactly like Black Ops 4, so there will be a few differences in the new version.

CoD Mobile features a set of classes to choose from that shape your gameplay experience.

This includes features like the Medic, who can use healing items and revive teammates faster than any other class, to the Scout, who relies on technology such as Sensor Darts to sniff out concealed enemies. While some of these things were in the older version of Blackout, access to these items will be locked by the individual classes in the mobile port of the game.

While Warzone has received a ton of praise in the year and a half since its release, Blackout laid the path for a battle royale in Call of Duty, and seeing it return is a feel-good moment for fans of both games.