CoD Mobile players lash out at “greedy” Snoop Dogg bundle price discrepancy

Snoop Dogg bundle in CoD MobileActivision

While Snoop Dogg’s return to Call of Duty as a new Operator across CoD Mobile, Vanguard, and Warzone should be a net positive, players on handheld devices are furious with the price discrepancy compared to those on PC and console.

Almost a decade removed from his first appearance in the CoD franchise, Snoop Dogg is now set to return in a big way. Activision just announced that Snoop has his own unique bundles arriving in three separate titles this April.

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Players across Warzone, Vanguard, and CoD Mobile alike can all get in on the fun and jump into some multiplayer action as none other than the Doggfather. Yet while CoD Mobile gains access to the unique cosmetic first, things don’t quite line up across the board.

Not only do handheld players have a different Snoop Dogg skin altogether, but the full bundle of unique cosmetics is nowhere to be found. Adding to the confusion, CoD Mobile also has a distinct method of unlocking the themed items, a method that could be far more expensive in the long run.

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Snoop’s return to the CoD series kicks off on Friday, April 1. From this date, CoD Mobile players can acquire a unique Snoop Dogg Operator skin through the Lucky Draw system. Those looking to grab the new design have to do so through a spin of the RNG wheel.

Theoretically, this could see players spending a considerable amount more than those on console and PC. If you’re unlucky time and time again, your only option is to continue spending and hoping to land on the Snoop Dogg skin through the Lucky Draw.

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Comparatively with the Vanguard and Warzone bundles, a one-time purchase is all that’s required to unlock Snoop’s Operator.

These bundles also feature a larger amount of content compared to the lone CoD Mobile skin and its accompanying SMG Blueprint. On console and PC, players are treated to 10 Snoop-themed items in total. Furthermore, using the new skin in Vanguard even comes with a full 20 level reward track.

Similar to most highlighted operators in Vanguard, players can advance through 20 levels of progression to unlock an additional three alternate outfits and other Snoop Dogg cosmetics.

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Just hours after the big reveal and the CoD Mobile community was left fuming over the vast differences in not just price, but substance.

“It’s all about the profit, not the players,” one Reddit user chimed in. “I’ve spent a lot on this game, but not anymore,” another said in response. 

“I’d love this skin, but I’m done, not even buying the Battle Pass in future.”

Snoop Dogg gameplay in CoD WarzoneActivision
Vanguard and Warzone players are set to receive a different Snoop Dogg skin as part of a bigger bundle.

Not the first time there’s been a disparity between platforms, the 2021 Saw bundle also had its fair share of backlash. With cosmetics also locked behind the Lucky Draw system, fans were agitated at the “stupidly high” costs.

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The “greedy” trend is now continuing with Snoop Dogg’s bundle, though this time, CoD Mobile players aren’t even getting the same content as those in Vanguard and Warzone.

Activision is yet to respond to the backlash, so only time will tell if plans change ahead of the April 1 release.