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CoD Mobile November 6 patch notes: Cliffhanger Event, Season 12 first look

Published: 7/Nov/2020 6:42 Updated: 7/Nov/2020 12:03

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest community update boasts an impressive list of changes, improvements, and fixes, and even features some new content.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 is coming to an end, and players have been eagerly anticipating when more news about the next season might arrive.

Thankfully, they didn’t need to wait long. The developers provided a community update earlier on November 6. It included everything from a sneak peek at a new map and the announcement of a new event to an impressive list of performance improvements and bug fixes.

Call of Duty Mobile November 6 Patch
Tencent Games
Call of Duty: Mobile released a little more than a year ago, and it’s been incredibly popular.

New Map

First of all, players have been given a sneak peek at a new map. Sadly, they didn’t mention a name or provide any information beyond an image.


However, from what we can tell, it looks like some kind of compound or facility with lots of open space, some buildings, and a larger tower with a ladder.

Call of Duty Mobile November 6 Patch
Tencent Games
Call of Duty: Mobile’s next map looks like an interesting place to battle.

Cliffhanger Event

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 is ending with a bang. The Cliffhanger Event is an easy way to take on new challenges to get your hands on some loot.  All you need to do is play matches, eliminate enemies, and complete objectives.

The Cliffhanger Event revolves around the new Capture and Hold playlist, which includes Capture The Flag, Domination, Hardpoint, and Headquarters. If you manage to complete some or all of the challenges, you can earn the following rewards:


  • FHJ-18 – Yellow Fabric (Uncommon) 
  • Calling Card – Deadlands (Rare) 
  • Man-O-War – Static Electricity (Rare)
  • Sticker – Fresh Slice (Rare)  

However, the event only lasts about a week, so you’ll have to act fast and get stuck into the grind if you want them all.

Call of Duty Mobile November 6 Patch
Tencent Games
The Cliffhanger Event is set to conclude Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11.

Ascended Mythic Drop

Call of Duty: Mobile’s very first mythic weapon, The Fennec – Ascended, landed yesterday. For those who don’t know, it’s essentially a chance-based legendary weapon blueprint, but with a twist. It can customized with additional unlocks.

However, it hasn’t been well-received. Many players said they were disgusted with the priceThis prompted the developers to respond, reminding players the weapon is entirely cosmetic and intended for those who want some extra flair.


Call of Duty Mobile November 6 Patch
Tencent Games
The Fennec – Ascended released yesterday, but it’s widely considered to be overpriced for a cosmetic item.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Last but not least, Call of Duty: Mobile players have been begging for performance improvements and bug fixes. Thankfully, the developers have listened, and the next update will include an impressive amount of tweaks and fixes. The list includes:

  • Overheating Issue (iOS devices)
  • Attempts to fix desync that have allowed for better server optimizations
  • Weapon balance changes
  • Multiple Perk balance changes
  • Multiple lethal and tactical grenade balance changes
  • Optimizations for Battle Royale vehicles
  • Optimizations for various player movement-related animations
  • Optimizations for spectator mode
  • Optimizations for several mini-maps
  • User experience improvements to the Gunsmith system
  • User experience improvements to the overall weapon camo system
  • Various improvements to the MP Rank System

The developers also included a second list of tweaks and fixes. However, these ones are expected to happen in the near future.

  • Server Side – Desync & Latency
  • Low Performance/FPS
  • Placement issues with the Defender shield
  • Passive trait not working with the BR Class – Defender
  • Graphical issue with the HBRa3 Swarm in BR
  • Players unable to be killed through normal means in MP
  • Weapons and items, in rare instances, will disappear during matches
  • Rare non-specific crashes while playing Battle Royale mode
  • Out of map glitches on the MP map Summit
  • ADS animation interrupting the ability to fire with shotguns or snipers
  • Progress not tracking on certain Gunsmith challenges
  • Merc 5 Going Gold displays the wrong hands in first-person mode
  • Various text-based changes
  • Various small graphical issues or glitches on weapons or characters
Call of Duty Mobile November 6 Patch
Tencent Games
Call of Duty: Mobile has been marred with performance issues in recent months.

It might not be the most elaborate list of patch notes, but that’s to be expected in a community update. After all, it’s a precursor to the official patch notes, which are expected to release sometime tomorrow.


Still, it’s a good indication of what’s to come, and players will be thrilled to know performance improvements are on the cards.