CoD Mobile adding iconic Modern Warfare 3 map in Season 4 update

Brad Norton
CoD Mobile Dome Modern Warfare 3

Another classic Call of Duty map is around the corner for CoD Mobile players as Activision has revealed Modern Warfare 3’s Dome is on the way in Season 4.

Ever since CoD was ported to mobile devices, players have been treated to some of the best maps in franchise history. From Black Ops bangers to Modern Warfare’s most beloved areas, many of the most popular picks have been resurrected for the handheld experience.

While last season introduced some fresh designs to the mix, Season 4 is dipping back into the past once again. To kickstart the hype train, we’ve been treated to a look at an old favorite.

After quickly becoming one of the hottest locations in 2011, Modern Warfare 3’s Dome is on its way back to the CoD series.

CoD Modern Warfare 3 Dome gameplay
Dome hasn’t been seen in a CoD title since Modern Warfare 3 in 2011.

A brand new image shared in the May 14 community update revealed a unique look at the classic map. While the original was sunny and bursting with color, the new version has been overhauled to a bleaker design.

More of the spherical structure itself has been torn apart and the base appears all but lifeless. It looks as if this version of Dome could even be following some type of nuclear disaster.

The rather small battleground lent to explosive fights and rapid matches due to its narrow layout. Similar to the likes of Nuketown and Rust, you could spawn in and find yourself a gunfight within seconds.

Across Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and even a few objective-based modes, Dome was among the most commonly played maps in the game. There’s a good chance that trend continues as soon as it lands in CoD Mobile as well.

CoD Mobile Dome
The new-look Dome is on its way to CoD Mobile in Season 4.

Dome is on the way as part of CoD Mobile’s Season 4 update. With Season 3 winding down on May 26, the following update is expected to roll over on May 27. Dome appears to be a launch map with the new season, though there’s a chance it arrives part-way through. 

We’ll keep you updated as soon as details are confirmed. On top of this, there’s still plenty to be unveiled too; keep up with every announcement so far in our full Season 4 rundown.