CoD Mobile Gunsmith: All changes for Battle Royale & Multiplayer

Andy Williams

Call of Duty: Mobile is taking a leaf out of Modern Warfare’s book, as TiMi Studios look to introduce the revolutionary Gunsmith as part of Season 9. 

Modern Warfare offers a seemingly endless amount of possible ways to optimize your weapons for battle. Gunsmith gives players a detailed view of the impact every attachment can have on their weapon, so they can tweak it to suit their playstyle.

Now, as seen within the previous public test builds, CoD Mobile is set to receive the same weapon customization options as part of its ninth season.

As with Modern Warfare, the CoD Mobile Gunsmith will provide players with the ability to tailor their loadout to create the ultimate weapon when heading into battle. Here’s a breakdown of how it will work in-game.

CoD Mobile Gunsmith: How it works

Detailed as part of their Reddit post, the CoD Mobile Community Lead explained that players will be able to unlock all base weapons by grinding their way through Gunsmith missions, player level rewards, the battle pass, or by acquiring a weapon variant/blueprint.

As part of the update, players will be able to customize every aspect of their weapons — from reticle to gun charms, the possibilities will be endless. Players who have common/rare variants will now receive a weapon camo and all epic/legendary variants will be transformed into a blueprint.

Just like in Modern Warfare, the Gunsmith system will be dependent on players acquiring weapon XP to level up their gun. So, more levels equal more attachments.

CoD Mobile Q&A for the Gunsmith update.
Here’s some of the adjustments coming as part of the Gunsmith update.

CoD Mobile Gunsmith: Battle Royale

The Battle Royale aspect of the game will have a few specific changes unique to the game mode. For example, players will now find weapons of different rarities dotted around the map (that come pre-installed with attachments) and will no longer find individual attachments as part of the floor loot.

Gun mods will now replace the weapon attachments in-game, which essentially equips a perk to your weapon for a unique boost.

Players looking to equip their own modified weapon via the Gunsmith will do so via Airdrops, where they’ll be able to select from one of five loadout slots in the dedicated menu.

CoD Mobile Gunsmith in Battle Royale.
A summary of what the Gunsmith changes spell for players in Battle Royale.

CoD Mobile Gunsmith: Multiplayer

Players will have more control and options to customize their classes in multiplayer, as the update will provide up to 10 loadout slots to unlock.

Be warned before going into battle, though, as all loadouts have been reset. So be sure to get to grips with the Gunsmith system before jumping straight into a match.