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CoD Mobile devs tease new weapon & map for Season 10

Published: 5/Sep/2020 14:41

by Connor Bennett


The CoD Mobile devs have teased a new weapon as well another new map for their Season 10 update – with the map being another from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

With the start of Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, the developers behind the popular mobile title threw things back to World War 2 – introducing the Conquest theme, a batch of classic characters, as well as the Shipment 1944.

As the season is quickly drawing to a close, fans are already looking ahead to what Season 10 might have on offer. 


The devs have already confirmed that Terminal, the iconic Modern Warfare 2 map, will be the biggest addition but there is plenty more still to come as well. 

Terminal in Modern Warfare 2
Terminal is coming to CoD Mobile in Season 10.

CoD Mobile Season 10 new weapon

During their September 4 community update, where they also revealed a few more shots of Terminal in CoD Mobile, the devs fielded a few questions from players about potential changes in the upcoming season. 

One fan quizzed them on what will be the headline new weapon once the season starts, with speculation pointing towards a Shotgun of some kind. 

“Sure why not, it is a shotgun! A potentially very powerful one,” the devs responded. “We’ll have some news about it early next week.” 


Screenshot of a Reddit comment from Call Of Duty Mobile
Screenshot via Reddit
The CoD Mobile devs confirmed they’ll reveal their new weapon soon.

CoD Mobile Season 10 new map

On top of that, some fans also believe that Pine – the gunfight map from Modern Warfare – will also be introduced in the new season as another 1v1 map. 

“There is indeed a map called Pine that exists in the Call of Duty universe,” the devs said, with a winky faced emoji. “But keep an eye out this weekend for news about the other MP map (not Terminal) releasing in Season 10.”

Obviously, that answer won’t confirm any suspicions, but it does add further fuel to the Pine fire. 

We’ll just have to wait and see what other multiplayer map the devs reveal ahead of Season 10 releasing.