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CoD Mobile devs hint at possible Damascus camo return

Published: 20/Sep/2020 17:13

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have hinted at a possible return of the Damascus weapon camo in the future, stating that it could come back in “some form.”

Just like regular Call of Duty games, CoD Mobile makes it possible for players to customize their weapons to their heart’s content. 

The updated Gunsmith system means that you can throw on a plethora of attachments and make a weapon uniquely yours. Though, when it comes to camos, some players want different options.

The most sought after of those options is the Damascus camo. It had been in the mobile game previously but has been removed and remains a hot topic of conversation. However, the devs have left the door open on a possible return.


CoD Mobile puts some of Call of Duty’s most popular features in one game.

During their September 18 community update, the devs revealed a few things that are still to come in Season 10 while also fielding questions on what they’ve got in store for Season 11.

Amongst those questions were the usual inquires about Damascus camo and whether or not it will return at some point in the future. In one response, the devs offered up a glimmer of hope for fans who want the camo to return. 

“In regards to the Damascus camo, yeah it is possible it could return later in some form,” they stated. “We just had several options for that final camo and we ended up going with another one that the dev team preferred, but it is completely plausible that it will return in some form in the future.”


While the answer offers some hope for fans, it doesn’t say that the Damascus camo is set for an imminent return. Just that it is possible that it could make a come back at a later point down the line. 

In terms of what they have planned for Season 11, the devs confirmed that they won’t be running a test server because they’re aiming to keep the content mostly private, but they will have some “great surprises” in-store.