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CoD Mobile devs confirm plans for battle royale night mode and maps

Published: 12/Sep/2020 11:42

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have confirmed that they have plans for nighttime multiplayer maps as well as a battle royale variant that is also under the cover of darkness. 

Ever since releasing back in October of 2019, CoD Mobile has become extremely popular with Call of Duty fans as it takes some of the best maps, modes, and weapons from previous games and puts them onto one virtual battlefield.

However, in addition to the classic maps, weapons, characters, and more, the mobile game does have its own unique battle royale map and mode.

With each new season, the map usually sees an update but there is one big change that fans want – to be able to play the map at nighttime. Well, that wish could soon be made a reality. 


CoD Mobile character in Season 10
CoD Mobile Season 10, The Hunt, has brought plenty of new content with maps, weapons, and more.

During this September 9 community update, where the devs revealed some of the changes that will be coming later in Season 10: The Hunt, they also confirmed that there are plans for nighttime maps – both in regular multiplayer and the battle royale. 

“Thanks for the awesome content and are there any plans for night mode MP and BR maps?” asked Reddit user Call_Me_OniiChan, before the devs replied with the simplest answer possible: “Yes.”

In addition to that not so subtle tease, they also confirmed that a new battle royale class – Hacker – will be available later in Season 10. Though, there is no specific date for its release just yet. 


Screenshot of a Reddit conversation
Screenshot via Reddit
The CoD Mobile devs gave a simple answer to the question about nighttime maps.

On top of those, the devs also confirmed they have a new perk coming in Season 10 in the form of High Alert and that the long-awaited Overkill is not ready just yet. 

Just like with Overkill, we’ll have to keep an eye on just when they will release the nighttime maps. Though, the confirmation that they’re in the works means fans won’t have to bombard the devs with requests to make them happen anymore.