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Cod Mobile banned in Iran, “confused” players beg Activision to reverse block

Published: 13/Apr/2021 4:56

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty: Mobile has been banned in Iran, with Activision blocking millions of players from accessing the super-popular handheld title.

The Iran gaming community was left shocked on April 12 as Activision banned CoD Mobile in the region. Despite having access to the game up until this point, players are now being met with a new message upon opening the app.

“Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to release the game in your area,” an in-game announcement reads. This notice blocks players from entering the game and playing as they normally would.

This monumental region lock has impacted roughly 32 million gamers, according to the latest report from the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation.


There are seemingly multiple factors that led to this sudden ban. With increasing tensions between the United States and Iranian governments, additional sanctions have imposed further difficulties on the local gaming market.

Development tools and new game releases are extremely difficult to come by. They are “either banned by our government or banned by international sanctions and it’s getting worse now because of the political situation,” Iranian game producer Taha Rasouli told The Washington Post in 2020.

As a direct result, there has been a surge in account sharing throughout the region. This reportedly played a key role in CoD Mobile’s ban.


“Due to the repeated efforts of Iranian users to deport and hack consoles and user accounts, all user services will be cut off for ten years,” a spokesman for the International Alliance of Consular and Non-Consular Games said.

Call of Duty Mobile artwork
CoD Mobile launched in 2019 across all regions that supported Google Play and App Store.

Anyone attempting to bypass CoD Mobile’s region lock has also been met with severe consequences. 10-year account bans are in store for players still trying to access CoD Mobile through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

“I can’t believe it’s actually gone,” one Iranian player said on Reddit. “This is absolutely not fair. We genuinely had some talent in this game and people have built their job in this game.”


CoD Mobile gameplay
A considerable chunk of the Iranian playerbase relied on VPNs to avoid hackers and play on better servers.

With CoD Mobile now barred in Iran, it joins a grown list of major titles blocked in the region. From League of Legends to Clash of Clans, many of the world’s biggest games are inaccessible.

There’s currently no telling if or when CoD Mobile might be reinstated. Dexerto has reached out to Activision for a statement on the Iran ban.