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CoD Mobile announces new Zombies mode: full Undead Siege details

Published: 23/Jul/2021 4:36 Updated: 23/Jul/2021 4:44

by Brad Norton


A huge Zombies experience is on the way to Call of Duty Mobile as Activision has unveiled the new Undead Siege mode. Here’s everything there is to know.

While Zombies have appeared at various stages in CoD Mobile, an innovative new mode is now on the way to the handheld experience. Known as Undead Siege, this upcoming mode is something entirely new for mobile gamers and CoD Zombies fanatics alike.

Rather than a smaller round-based mode like Mauer Der Toten, or even a bigger setting like Outbreak, Undead Siege drops players into CoD Mobile’s Battle Royale map.

It’s in this enormous map that teams will have to fend off waves of the undead. Enduring five nights on the island is the key to victory and you’ll have some new tools to help get you there.


While players can drop in with their own custom loadouts, you’ll need some more firepower to win. This is where the ‘tower defense’ elements of Undead Siege come into play.

Throughout your time on the BR map, you’ll need to scavenge for supplies and equipment to fortify a base. Around this base, you can build powerful turrets to keep Zombies at bay. 

With each passing sunrise, the undead threat will only grow more powerful. Therefore, it’s how you set up these defenses that could spell success in the days to come.

Undead Siege is set to launch with 25 exclusive rewards. From new weapons and characters to various cosmetics, you’ll be able to grab these items by completing various challenges in the new mode.


There’s currently no telling when Undead Siege may arrive in CoD Mobile. While the first teasers are only just appearing, it could be safe to assume the new mode will land with Season 6.

With Season 5 now winding down, this could mean Undead Siege is just days away. We’ll be sure to keep you updated right here as further intel is released.