CoD Mobile just added Warzone’s infamous Roze skin with one perfect change

Brad Norton

CoD Mobile just introduced an exact copy of Warzone’s notorious Roze Operator skin, yet players aren’t concerned in the slightest due to one major gameplay difference.

When it comes to the most iconic periods in Warzone history, the era of Roze skin dominance is certainly up there. The unnecessarily dark skin was almost impossible to spot in the CoD battle royale, making it a huge source of frustration in the community.

Now months removed from the height of the issue, CoD Mobile just brought it back into the spotlight. The game’s Season 1: Heist update introduced the Roze – Rook skin through the Pitch Black Crate.

It’s an exact replica of its console and PC counterpart. While this could have been a cause for concern, players aren’t phased whatsoever due to key differences.

CoD Warzone Roze skin
Warzone’s Roze skin became the most prominent cosmetic in 2021.

When Roze was the most prominent skin in Warzone, it was largely due to the game’s lighting system. Dark corners and heavy shadows led to limited visibility as a whole, taking months for the devs to remedy. 

In contrast, CoD Mobile’s lighting is vastly different. Brighter designs and a different color palette leave the Roze skin ‘powerless” on handheld devices, as players joked.

“She may be a nightmare in Warzone, but she has no power here on mobile,” one response made clear

The most glaring difference, however, is that CoD Mobile’s Operators drop into battle with a noticeable red outline. Given the smaller screens, devs implemented vibrant red shoulder pads across the board to preempt any such issues.

As a result, most believe it “will prevent camping with this skin,” making it a non-issue in CoD Mobile from day one.

Unlike Warzone, which featured the controversial skin at Tier 100 of the Season 5 Battle Pass, CoD Mobile handles things differently in that regard too. Roze is only available through randomized crates in the store, meaning not everyone will be rocking the skin right away.

The Roze skin is one of just many additions in CoD Mobile’s first major patch of 2022. Be sure to brush up on everything coming in the Season 1: Heist update.