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CoD Mobile $2 million World Championship 2022: How to watch & compete

Published: 14/Mar/2022 18:01

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Mobile has a pretty large esports scene and it has now announced a $2 million World Championship in 2022. Here’s everything to know from where to watch it to how you can compete. 

  • CoD Mobile 2022 World Championship announced with $2m prize pool
  • Players compete through four stages before reaching the global finals
  • Competition begins with Stage 1 on March 31

After having to alter the format of the 2021 World Championship Finals to East and West regions, CoD Mobile is back to its worldwide competition with one winner. The 2022 circuit was revealed on March 14, with another $2 million prize pool at stake.

Players from around the globe will be eligible to partake in the sets of online matches before the regional stage is underway. Everything kicks off on March 31 with Stage 1, which features solo online play.


With five different stages and every region with a shot at the crown, the 2022 CoD Mobile season is looking to deliver. Here is everything to know about the event.

How to watch CoD Mobile World Championship 2022

Even though the CoD Mobile Championship circuit begins on March 31, it appears that there won’t be any official streams until later in August.

CoD Mobile Championship 2022
This is the Roadmap for the CoD Mobile Championship 2022.

As seen in the roadmap from their blog, only the Regional Playoffs and onward have the YouTube tag next to them. This presumably means that those will be the games with official casters.

However, you can check CoD Mobile Esports official YouTube page for updates on when the next stream will be as it will broadcast from this channel.


How to complete in CoD Mobile World Championship 2022

The competition has been split up into five different stages where players and teams will fight to qualify for each. Good news for those looking to compete, all you need to do is make an account and you have a shot at the prize.

If you plan to partake in these matches, we have listed each of the stages below:

  • Stage 1: Solo Play (March)
  • Stage 2: Team Play (May)
  • Stage 3: Regional Qualifiers (June, July for NA)
  • Stage 4: Regional Playoffs (August)
  • Stage 5: Finals (December)

While little details were given on each stage, we know that you must play at least 10 ranked multiplayer matches and earn 60 points in Solo Play to qualify for Stage 2.

If it follows a similar pattern to last year then, in Team Play, squads will need around 30 matches and a handful of points. And fans should expect the Regional Qualifiers to field some sort of bracket where the top teams advance, and so on.


For now, those are all the details that were provided, so stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.