CoD leaker reveals Modern Warfare II Campaign details: setting, plot & more

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Modern Warfare 2 has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated games this decade, after the 2019 powerhouse. With a new setting to explore, here’s everything we know so far about the next action-packed campaign. 

2019’s Modern Warfare brought back the magic for players around the world, shaping up to be one of the finest installments in years. Vanguard has arrived to tide players over until Modern Warfare 2 shifts the focus back to the present day.

Rumored to be one of the most violent entries yet, Modern Warfare 2’s campaign is gearing up to be an all-timer.


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The Modern Warfare reboot was a much-needed revamp for the franchise.

Where will Modern Warfare 2 be set?

Rumors of Modern Warfare 2’s setting first appeared back in September 2021, when Andy Robinson (Video Games Chronicle) revealed initial details. Now, according to fellow VGC colleagues and notable CoD leaker Tom Henderson, Modern Warfare 2 will be taking players into the heart of the Colombian drug war.

Described as a “gritter version of Modern Warfare 2019”, the campaign for Modern Warfare 2 won’t be for the lighthearted. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this game makes headlines in the media, for some of the decisions you have to make,” added Henderson on the game’s dark tone. With a focus more on “infiltration” too, the next CoD game seems to be opting for a stealthier tone than its predecessors.

What is the plot of Modern Warfare 2?

Specifics for the plot of Modern Warfare 2 are under wraps, but with the Colombian drug war at its center, the next installment could take a few inspirations from films like Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario.

Henderson noted that “Task Force 141 will be returning to take on the cartels”, which will likely see the implementation of fan-favorite characters such as John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley.

The end of Modern Warfare revealed Kyle Garrick was indeed a new version of “Gaz”, who will probably be developed more too. The Modern Warfare series has shown different factions teaming up for a common goal before, so the door is open for more heroes or villains to return.

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Be prepared for a blast from the past.

New features

Henderson mentioned that QA testers have “played a few different missions in this game already”, with the biggest takeaway being that the “A.I in the game are very sophisticated.”

Taking the franchise’s penchant for violence up a level, Modern Warfare 2 is said to feature dismemberment features too: “If you shoot them in the arms or the legs, they’ll lose their limbs. If you shoot them in the chest, they might not necessarily die straight away.”

The A.I has been “completely overhauled” and will prove to be tougher than ever before.

Modern Warfare 2 can’t arrive quickly enough, and it continues to shape up as a promising entry for the long-running franchise.

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