CoD leaker claims Black Ops reboot teaser discovered in Modern Warfare


Reputable Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution has claimed that there is a teaser for CoD 2020 – thought to be a Black Ops reboot of sorts – in this year’s title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Details surrounding CoD 2020 are beginning to force their way out, thanks to a number of leaks and unconfirmed reports. While Activision has not officially confirmed, CoD 2020 is thought to have been given to Treyarch as a result of issues at Sledgehammer Games, who were originally thought to be in charge. 

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Recent leaks claim that Call of Duty 2020 will be a Black Ops reboot set in the Cold War, with a possible focus on Vietnam. These claims follow on from the original Kotaku report that the development circle had been changed up and handed control back to Treyarch. 

Call of Duty Black OpsTreyarch
The original Black Ops was set in the 1960s Cold War.

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While none of these details have been confirmed, a first teaser for the next CoD title has allegedly been found in Modern Warfare. As TGR points out, teasing future instalments in the current title is nothing new. 

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Infinite Warfare, for example, was teased in Black Ops 3, using the giant screens that surrounded the Nuk3town map. 

According to TGR, the teaser for next year’s CoD comes in the form of an unreleased, animated calling card in Modern Warfare. The calling card simply features the name ‘Treyarch’, and pulses a deep red. 

The red is aesthetically similar to a host of original Black Ops graphics, including the interrogation home screen. 

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The calling card is currently unreleased, leading to speculation that it will be a pre-order bonus for CoD 2020. If this is not correct, many simply suggest it is part of the earliest marketing for Treyarch’s next installment.

It should go without saying that these leaks are unconfirmed, and the calling card could simply be a tribute from Infinity Ward to their partner developers Treyarch.

However, given the rumors surrounding CoD 2020, there is definite potential in the idea that it is hinting at the next Call of Duty title. 

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The unreleased Calling Card from Modern Warfare.

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TheGamingRevolution has been accurate in the past with a number of leaks, including Modern Warfare’s 2v2 Gunfight mode, and the recently released battle royale, Warzone

These do not necessarily mean he is correct when it comes to this particular calling card, but many fans are becoming increasingly excited as a result of the growing leaks.