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CoD insider reveals reason complete MW2 Remastered multiplayer was scrapped

Published: 3/Jan/2022 16:57

by Jacob Hale


Well-renowned Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson has explained what may have happened with the heavily-rumored Modern Warfare 2 Remastered multiplayer — and it won’t make for happy reading from veteran CoD players.

Modern Warfare 2 remains, to this day, one of the most popular games in the history of the storied franchise.

First released in 2009, it managed to usurp CoD 4: Modern Warfare and revolutionize the FPS genre, almost unanimously agreed upon as one of the greatest in its genre.

For years, there have been rumors of a remastered version of the game, and Activision even released an updated version of the campaign in 2020, but the multiplayer portion of the game remained stuck on old-gen consoles — despite, apparently. the devs’ plans to recreate it.


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MW2’s campaign has been remastered, but not the multiplayer.

According to popular leaker Tom Henderson, the Infinity Ward devs were already putting in the groundwork to bring out MW2 Remastered alongside MW2019, but it wasn’t to be.

He explained: “Yes, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered multiplayer was in development, and the reason why it was cut from actually happening is because Infinity Ward and Activision didn’t want Modern Warfare either to overshadow MW2019 — as it was intended to release alongside it — or vice versa.”

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All is not lost, though, with Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. The CoD 2022 release — reportedly also called Modern Warfare 2 — may have a number of assets from the MW2R that was in development.


“A lot of the assets that were already created for MW2R will now be coming over to Modern Warfare 2 2022. Some of the stuff, like the original maps, will be coming over to MW2 (2022), and some other different aspects.”

So while MW2 Remastered looks unlikely to arrive any time soon, players will be able to get their fix of the classic game in CoD’s 2022 release if these leaks turn out to be true.