CoD hackers reveal how Warzone cheats helped them ‘break’ the Vanguard code

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Call of Duty’s most prominent hackers are only getting more efficient at ‘breaking’ each new annual title and it appears their experience with Warzone was a key factor behind their quick entry into the Vanguard Beta.

The Vanguard Beta first went live across all platforms on September 16. Within just 48 hours, the first reports of hackers already began to surface.

“How are there cheaters already?” players questioned as aimbots ruined matches the same day the Beta went public. Before long, these affordable cheats were so busted, players had the ability to outright end matches at their volition.

But how exactly did they break through Vanguard so rapidly? It turns out previous experience with Modern Warfare and Warzone cheats helped a great deal.

Warzone broadcast stationsActivision
Cheats in Warzone are supposedly “easy” to copy over in other titles.

“The core of the [CoD] engine hasn’t changed much during the life of the franchise,” an anonymous source in the gaming industry told Vice. Much of the same code that makes up Warzone, for instance, is similar to the code found in Vanguard, the source explained.

As a result, “porting” exploits from one title to another “has always been easy.”

This proved to be the case during Vanguard’s Beta test as hackers flooded into the early access build. Not only did they provide cheaters with typical in-game buffs like aimbot and wallhacks, but they ramped things up in all-new ways just because they could.

The Beta was set live with the same anti-cheat as Warzone, CoD insider Tom Henderson claimed. So, it didn’t take long for hackers to run rampant.

Having developed CoD hacks for “over 15 years,” IWantCheats is one such provider that appears to have a knack for the annual cycle. This site is already promising their Vanguard exploits will surpass what we’ve seen in Warzone.

Not only that, but their cheats will allegedly also work on the new Pacific map; a claim we can only verify once Activision gives the lowdown on its highly anticipated anticheat system set to debut later this year.

Vanguard gameplayActivision
We’ll have to wait and see if CoD’s most prolific cheat providers will be able to crack Vanguard at launch.

If all goes according to plan, an effective anticheat system could nip these concerns in the bud. The Vanguard Beta could very well be the final instance of hackers having their way with CoD lobbies.

Though if early claims from some of the biggest cheat providers hold true, their exploits might just find a way through to tarnish the multiplayer experience once again.

We’ll just have to wait and see who comes out on top once the next round gets underway with the launch of Vanguard on November 5.